Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Three things that are freakin me out:

1. Last night Clint came home at 12:30 am. He'd been out with 2 female friends. "Guess what I was doing tonight?" he asked me when he got home.
"Watching TV with JL and M?" I guessed.
"Nope. We've been reading your blog for the past one and a half hours."

2. I have parent-teacher interviews with both Max and Drew's teachers this week. They will not be pleasant. Both boys have decided that being educated is a waste of time. "You don't understand, mom. It doesn't matter. This stuff is just not important."

3. How many days til Christmas? 2? 3? I have not purchased a single gift. I have no idea what I will purchase when I finally find a spare hour to shop. Despite hosting craft nights every week in my kitchen, I have not made a single Christmas card. Rather than decorating with all the contents of the 14 Christmas rubbermaid containers in the garage - I've only used three. And for the life of me I cannot figure when we'll go cut down a tree. Kids are not patient with my lack of enthusiasm for the season. I feel like saying to them, "You guys just don't understand. All this stuff doesn't matter. Decorations and presents are just not important."

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