Monday, January 9, 2006

Oy. I wasted another evening.

Why do I do this?
I just blew off 6 hours . SIX hours when I could have been putting away those &^%$ Christmas decorations. Or doing laundry. Or writing brilliant essays. Or walking briskly with rain pelting my face. Or sweeping concrete dust off the floor again. (He comes in from work, using the front door and immediatey steps off the 4 foot by 6 foot mat and removes his mud encrusted work boots while standing on the white tile floor. Why is that? I ask him everyday to please come in through the garage and leave his boots there. Or take them off outside the front door. Or, at the very least, take them off and leave them on the mat. Have I given him too many options and he gets confused? Everyday I see a new pile of concrete mud messing up the entry area. It gets discouraging.)
Instead I sat on the couch. Which is something I rarely do when the kids are home. And I watched 4 episodes of West Wing. I laughed. I cried. And I sat. Is Josh Lyman cute? Or am I getting desperate?

My butt is not going to shrink by half if I continue to engage in these strenuous emotional activities.


Anyway, on to the List.

Top Ten List of Lists:

1. Top Ten Book Titles I Have on my Night Table and Hope to Read this Month. (Inspired by my recent trip to the Used Book Store.)
2. Top Ten Places I Would Visit in a Blink Given Perfect Circumstances. (Inspired by an evening last week when I surfed ITraveldotCom's best deals for an hour or so.)
3. Top Ten Circumstances That Would Have to be Perfect in Order for me to Leave on a Spontaneous Holiday in a Blink. (Inspired by the way my calendar got filled up to overflowing this month with very little wiggle room .)
4. Top Ten Things I'd Love My Co-inhabitors to do That Would Make My Life Less Sucky. (Inspired by the fact that I live with pigs.)
5. Top Ten Prayers I Utter to My God Every Single Day. (Inspired by the fact that I feel completely inept when it comes to parenting.)
6. Top Ten Things I Would Do If Only Given Three Weeks To Live. (Inpsired by the new Queen Latifa movie)
7. Top Ten Favorite Songs. (Inspired by the fact that my entire playlist of 168 songs was inexplicably deleted from my harddrive while Max's 2427 and Drew's 549 songs are all still present and accounted for.)
8. Top Ten Dead People I'm Looking Forward to Visiting with In Heaven. (Inspired by Max's comments regarding Bob Marley. "I hope he was a Christian. I'd love to talk to him someday.")
9. Top Ten Purchases I Would Make if I Won $100,000. (Inspired by a conversation that took place on craft night just before Christmas at my kitchen table. She said $100,000 would change her life. I'm not so sure it would change mine.)
10. Top Ten Favorite Verses in the Bible. (Inspired by the open Bible that is on the desk top next to Clint's computer. And the way, a few nights ago, Max came down at midnight and said, "I can't sleep. Do you know where my Bible is? I want to look up a few things.")

There. Being the expert list maker that I am, I have now organized my Tuesday postings right up til Sring Break.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have 4 seasons of West Wing on DVD. Could just be that Martin Sheen and Bradley Whitford are going to help me get through this winter in tact.
2. We're going to Harrison Hot Springs this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. Yay.
3. Hope.


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