Monday, January 9, 2006

Top Ten Lists

A blog that I read regularly (Junkmail for Blankets) is calling for readers to send in lists. Top ten lists.
He gives some examples:

-Top ten rock albums
-Top ten bits of dialogue left out of the Bible
-Top ten dogs I've known
-Top ten most crucial spiritual disciplines for this era
-Top ten towns (or states) I've visited
-Top ten things I'm currently thankful for
-Top ten comedic moments of 2005
-Top ten meals I've eaten
-Top ten reasons I live where I do
- Top ten skills I'd like to learn before I die
-Top ten memories related to water
-Top ten unorthodox worship experiences
-Top ten novels of all time

And then he posted a sample of a completed list:

Top Ten Best Names* for Christian Blues Musicians Among Christian Blues Musicians who Randomly Opened the Bible and Pointed When Choosing a Christian Blues Musician Name
1. Tent Peg
2. Dry Bones
3. Withered Fig
4. Pentecost
5. Raisin Cake
6. Sackcloth
7. Gethsemane
8. Wineskin
9. Rooster Crow
10. Almond Rod
(*To test, add Johnson to the end of each name)

That Jeremy...(the Junkmail for Blankets guy) he's so creative...

Anyway. I'm a lover of lists. I come from a long line of list lovers. (Case in point; I have an uncle that used to keep a list of all the vehicular licence plates he saw. We'd sit on the corner of 47th and Victoria, on the lawn by the Firehall and write down all the licence plates of all the cars as they drove by. I'd call out. He'd write down.)

Keeping that in mind, don't judge me too harshly. But I have an idea.
Tuesdays will be Top Ten Day. (I chose Tuesday because it starts with a "T". Aliteration is an important feature in writing.)
Send me ideas. Or don't. It's up to you. If you have a blog, feel free to play along. (By the way, now that I've settled a few things in my mind regarding blogging, I'll revive the Four on Friday feature as well.)

Not sure what the first list should be about...Top Ten Quirky Habits I've Inherited From My Relatives? Top Ten Things to do with 5 Teenagers in a Cabin on a Rainy Weekend? Top Ten Things to do with Toe Nail Clippings? Top Ten Blogs I Check Every Single Day Sometimes Twice? Top Ten Places to Hide Dirty Dishes Quickly So That The Unexpected Company That Just Dropped In Won't Know You Haven't Cleaned The Kitchen In A Few Days? Top Ten Excuses To Use On Unexpected Company To Keep Them Out Of The Kitchen? Top Ten Favorite Places to Sit?

Possibilities are endless.

Endless I tell you.

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