Thursday, January 5, 2006

The Year of Jane

"This year I am going to put myself higher up on my priority list," I declared to an empty house on New Year's Day.
"I am going to take the time to exercise. Shop, actually SHOP for clothes - no more of this 'I've got 7 minutes to buy an outfit" crap. Do something about the whiskers. Meditate. Breathe. Listen to music that brings life and joy. Watch movies that make me cry not cringe. Fill the fridge with fruit. Claim my half of the garage so that I can park inside. Insist on assistance with dishes and weeding. Blah blah blah..."

Kids came home from their SunPeaks holiday a few hours later.
I've done 8 hours of grade 6 homework, 14 loads of snowboarding laundry. Restocked the shelves with boy-food. Shuttled them hither and yon. Put together a regulation-sized hockey net. Spend hours shopping for the perfect roller blades. Carted them here and there. Cleaned out half of the garage only to have it deemed "perfect for hockey".

And somehow, in the midst of it all, ended up ticking each one off so royally that none of my co-habitants are speaking to me. Something about midnight being an unreasonably early bedtime, homework being optional and cleaning the house being woman's work.

The year flew by.

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