Friday, February 24, 2006

4 on Fri

"Mom? I've got a bad headache. And a fever, I think. Can you come get me?"
Max is home sick, all cuddled up on the couch under two blankets. Breathing his sick germs into the house.
I. will. not. catch. it.
I'm getting tired of things breaking and children being sick.

All I ever do lately is whine.
I'm bored with the conversations that go on and on in my head.
I seem to be caught in a spin cycle of negative thoughts. Surely this will end soon. I'm ready for a new machine; like the dryer. Where everything is light, fluffy, tumbly and smells nice.

I think I just described Palm Springs.
Clint did not get permission to join us on our Spring Break Road Trip Adventure and last night he was lamenting the things he'll miss most; the sound of crickets in the evening, the smell of the citrus blossoms, and the feel of the desert breeze. I'll suggest that he sit next to the dryer during the evenings he's at home alone. It'll almost be the same as being there...

Now without further adoooo,

Four on Friday:
Q1 - Birthdays: How many different birthdays do you have committed to memory, and aside from using your own noggin, how do you keep track of all the others? Without stopping to go through my mental list of memorized birthdays, or worrying about the appearance of being a braggert, I'd say I have about 75 committed to memory.
I might be exagerating.
But not by much.
You see...
remember that uncle I have who kept a list of all the license plate numbers he saw? Well, I thought I'd have a collection too. A birthday collection. A list of birthdays. It was my goal as a teenager to know of someone who was having a birthday every day of the year. I bought a slim "Dates to Remember" booklet. And starting filling in names next to dates.

I still use it today.
It's about half full.

So, when's your birthday?

Q2- 2006 Winter Olympics: Have you been watching the 2006 Winter Olympics on television? If so, which events have you enjoyed the most? If not, why?
Watch the Olympics? On TV? When there's reruns of the Simpsons to watch? Are you crazy?
I have not seen one minute of any Olympic event.
Because Homer, Hank Hill, and Bender are too important.

Q3 - Emotion: When and why was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs?
Happy Scream - would have been 6 years ago on a ride at Disneyland.
Angry Scream - September 2005

Q4 - Your Bed: Is your bed really comfortable, or do you live with poor sleep caused by the quality of your bedding?
My bed is the most comfortable surface in the house. I live with poor sleep because I have children who interupt it.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I had already booked the day off to be with Drew. Picking up and caring for Max isn't interferring with another work day.
2. I had the correct medication of hand to give him relief. How often does that happen?
3. The sun is slipping behind the clouds so the dirt on my windows is not as obvious. Guilt-free blogging.


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My Thots said...

1. As far as birthdays remembered, I'm not really sure but I still remember a friends or two from grade school. Mine is Sept.26th The year is the same as yours!)
2.Yep I've watched the Olympics. I enjoyed men's and women's hockey. Didn't enjoy watching the men lose though-poor slobs! I also watched the Canadian Newfie win the men's curling gold medal. I watched snowboarding, and various skiing events, I watched the biathalon and parts of the opening and closing events. And in case you think I spend too much time in front of the TV I only really caught parts of each of these events when I was home. I quite enjoyed myself, thanks.
3.It's been awhile. Can't really even remember. Perhaps it's time for happy anyhow.
4.Bed is pretty comfortable when I get to be in it, but as you can see or maybe not, it's 5AM and I can't sleep. I've been up for a couple of hours. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow night, or I guess it's tonight!!
Good questions Jane. I need to think of some. Ck my blog in a couple of days. I should have some questions. Have a good one. I think Jen will be home sick today. Fever and snot last night. Yuck!!