Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The drive home...

What happens when you put three women, all born in 1961, (each one of them first-borns), and all of them Christians from different denominations (one Christian Reform, one Pentacostal and one Mennonite Brethern) in a van together for an interstate road trip?

They talk.

And don't pay much attention to the road signs. Especially when discussing eternal salvation, catholisism, speaking in tongues, baptism of the spirit, prayer and raising children. We didn't agree on much - especially on the issue of 'should children be forced to keep their rooms clean'. Envigorating conversations to be sure.

We were 20 minutes from San Fransisco before we realized we turned left somewhere back there when we should have just gone straight.

Tuesday's Top Ten List:
Top Ten Memorable Moments of recent road trip:

1. Laughing about the 57 left over BBQed chicken legs we dragged up the I-5 in the cooler because it seemed wasteful to just throw them out.

2. Watching Rick heat up the 33 left over Italian sausages as a potential snack for the boys on his front dash on our drive home because it seemed wasteful to just throw them out.

3. Carefully protecting a loaf of bread all the way home, because someone might get hungry and we wouldn't have access to one of the ten million fast food outlets up and down the I-5. Besides, it just plain seemed wasteful to throw it out.

4. Listening to Maxine complain about her World Vision kid's lazy attitude in regard to the effortless drawings he includes in his annual letter to her.

5. Watching DVD's in bed with Drew while everyone else slept.

6. Running, no sprinting through the factory outlet mall with 5 frantic boys who couldn't cram enough shopping into two hours.

7. Listening to three girls sing along with their walkmans while they were wearing headphones.

8. Hiking through the canyon.

9. Floating in the pool.

10. Getting lost in the art galleries.

and laughing. Laughing til I cried. Laughing til I couldn't breathe anymore.

Thanks Rick, Sandra, Dane, Tim, Maxine, Matthew, Megan, Emma, Tia, Max and Drew for an awesome vacation.

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