Friday, April 28, 2006

Four or so on Friday:

Q1 - Sleepover: A friend calls you up and says, "Hey, can we crash at your place Saturday night?" What do you say... yes; no; depends on how many people they're bringing? Despite what you'd tell this friend of yours, if you made the effort, how many people could you accommodate for a one-night sleep over?
I'd suggest we meet at the lake. And have the sleepover there. I can accomodate up to 10 people easily when hosting at the fully furnished, totally clean and utterly empty cottage at Cultus. But, my house? I can only allow kids to stay the night. Kids that don't mind sleeping on couches.

Q2 - Learning: When did you last learn something entirely new, and what was it that you learned?
New. Entirely new. Lesssee...
I'm thinking it would have to be camera-related. Or computer related. Or maybe something at work...Thinking...thinking...

Q3 - Toothpaste: If you were asked by a toothpaste manufacturer to come up with a new flavor, what would be your top three suggestions?

Q4 - Food: What's the absolute strangest food you've ever tried?
Just kidding about that basil answer, by the way.
Strangest food?

Q5- Gasoline: Economists are predicting that gasoline prices in the U.S. will reach $3.00 per gallon within the next three months. How will this summer's gas prices impact your travel plans?
It won't stop me from going to Creationfest. Or going back and forth to the cabin all summer.
But I'll grumble twice a week when I spend $100 each time to fill my tank.

Q6 - Taxes: Did you file your 2005 taxes yourself or did you enlist the services of a professional tax preparer? In either event, did you file online or by hand?
I haven't balanced my cheque book since 1987.
I hire a professional. And file online. Because this is 2006, not 1966. I'm hip to the times.

Q7 - Hey You: When you're on a horse farm and you want to get a horse's attention, you make a clicking sound with your mouth. What sort of sound would I need to make to get your attention?
Well, don't stand at the side of the road waving both arms frantically at me. I won't notice.
Don't honk. I won't look.
Don't whistle. I'll assume it's for someone else.
Don't holler. I won't hear you.

To best get my attention, just call me Angel of the Morning...
Whisper my name gently. That'll get my 'tention.

Or talk about me behind my back. I overhear alot of conversations I shouldn't...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1.Speaking of income taxes. Yay. Getting a refund. If I'm lucky, it'll offset the cost of gas this summer. It all evens out in the end.
2. Pro D Day tomorrow. No carpooling. No bagged lunches. No frenzied activity before 9 am.
3. New favorite song: You and Me by Lifehouse. Love it when I discover a tune that makes me happy.


(By the way, the post a few days ago, when I said I thought I had " i "...that was code for "pink eye". There seemed to be some confusion...)

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My Thots said...

How are you doing now? All gone I hope. And yes I needed Jen to explain that one to me. I still think my comment was funny, but maybe only to me!! Sick girl that I am.