Sunday, April 23, 2006

Who else out there can read my mind?

My mom was raised as a city girl. Even though she was born in a house in Yarrow, her family moved into Vancouver by the time she started school.
My two grandmas both lived on city lots a few blocks from each other.

What did this mean to me?
Well, when most of my friends went to spend time with their Mennonite grandparents, they headed east to Clearbrook. To a farm. With pantries filled with canned fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and freshly baked zwie-back.

When I visited my grandparents, I headed west and ended up in a big city where family dinners were often courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Bread and jam came from Safeway and fruits and veggies were fresh from their gardens but never preserved.

In 2000 when I moved into my new house in Fraser Heights, Margret dropped by with a basket of goodies. Six years later, I can't remember what was in that basket except for a jar of her canned peaches.
I'd never had canned peaches before. (Re-read above sentences for reason.) But one night when all other food options had been consumed, I tried them.

Oh oh oh - what a delicious delight. My tastebuds were tingling with happiness.

Did I remember to thank Margret? I can't remember.

But every once in a while I get a craving for her canned peaches.
Like this week. On Tuesday.
I was a Safeway in that canned fruit aisle and paused. "Would I be disappointed? Would the texture be all slimy? Would the syrup be gross?"
I settled for a can of pears. Maybe they would satisfy my craving.
I bought a can and put it in the cupboard.

After months of trying to find a date that suited the 4 of us, Margret, Patti and Jo-Anne came over on Thursday night.

When I opened the door, Margret handed me this:

How did she know?
It's been six years.

I tell you, you just can't buy better friends than this.

Thank you Marg.
They are every bit as good as I remembered them to be.

I just got back from an incredible Steve Bell concert. As is always the case with me and my kids, we always walk straight to fridge upon entering our home. I had two tempting choices; a frozen Crunch bar in the freezer. Or the peaches.

I drank back that golden nectar with wild abandon to the utter amazement of my kids.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who have telepathy.
2. The way things even out in life. Today I had a son tell me he didn't want to spend time with me because I was so uncool. (No, this is not the son you think it is.) And then, 10 minutes later I received an e-mail from a guy in our youth group "PS. UR such a cool mom."
3. The sunshine. Did you feel the sunshine. Warm, wonderful sunshine. A perfect weekend.



My Thots said...

Just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for Max and the guys who are Jen's friends. I watched them last night laugh until there was nearly puddles happenin'. Did Max tell you about the "turtle buns"? He's a great guy and he looks good in pink. Who knew!!

Anonymous said...

Your'e so welcome Jane,