Monday, June 26, 2006

I wish I was twelve

I remember that summer...
Listening to CFUN (Ballroom Blitz and Smokin in the Boys Room) and playing rummy at the kitchen table with my friend, Tina during the day.
Staying up to watch the KVOS-TV "Late" movies at at night. I saw all the old Elvis (ClamBake), John Wayne (Two Mules for Sister Sarah) and Clint Eastwood (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) movies that summer.

The golden days.

I have a feeling Max is going to have rose coloured memories regarding this season of his life. He's had two friends over all afternoon/evening. Instead of playing interactive games, they each are playing with their own game boys while watching old Batman movies on TV.

Summers are more work when you're 45.
The yard, the garage, the laundry, the stomach, the dishes, the meals, the work that never got finished at the office, the list of 101 things to never ends.

On a less whiney note, I came across this list a few minutes ago. Max asked me to take my laughter elsewhere, it was interupting his enjoyment of the movie.

I've always been fascinated by groups of five people who try to guess what 100 randomly selected people have said for a chance to win $10,000, which they'll split between themselves before splitting it again with the government.
Which will leave each of them with about $32.87 for their troubles.

I've also been fascinated by how one of those five people will crack under the pressure and cost everyone else on their team a chance to walk away with $32.87.

As a result, I've polled 100 people to find the best "worst" answers ever given on Family Feud.

The top 27 answers are on the board.
Question: Name a former President that most people would say is honest.
#1 Answer: Lincoln
Worst Answers: Nixon

Question: Besides San Francisco, name a city that begins with the word San.
#1 Answer: San Diego
Worst Answer: Seattle

Question: Name a slang term used for important people.
#1 Answer: V.I.P.
Worst Answer: Buddy

Question: Name something packrats have a hard time throwing out.
#1 Answer: Photos
Worst Answer: Corn

Question: Name something that might annoy a gardener.
#1 Answer: Bugs
Worst Answer: Not getting paid on time

Question: Name a reason a man might send his wife flowers.
#1 Answer: Anniversary
Worst Answer: Happy divorce

Question: Name a term used in football.
#1 Answer: Touchdown
Worst Answer: Fastbreak

Question: Name a special request people ask for when making a dinner reservation.
#1 Answer: Non-smoking
Worst Answer: A menu

Question: Name someone you wouldn't want to get a phone call from.
#1 Answer: The police
Worst Answer: Your son

Question: Name a classical music composer everyone knows.
#1 Answer: Mozart
Worst Answer: Julio Inglesias

Question: Tell me something specific you should drink a lot of when you're sick.
#1 Answer: Water
Worst Answer: Alcohol

Question: Name something you'd hate to find at the end of your nose.
#1 Answer: Pimple
Worst Answers: Lint

Question: Name the worst kind of shoe to run a marathon in.
#1 Answer: High heels
Worst Answer: Scuba flippers
Louie Anderson's Response: If it's up there... I'll be suprised.

Question: Name something a person wouldn't want living in their house.
#1 Answer: Relatives
Worst Answer: Mold

Question: Name a musician who goes by one name.
#1 Answer: Madonna
Worst Answer: Reba McIntyre
Louie Anderson's Response: Show me the strike.

Question: Name something you'd buy for more than a thousand dollars.
#1 Answer: House
Worst Answer: Pleasure equipment
Louie Anderson's Response: I'm afraid to ask what that means.

Question: Name something you think would be difficult about being a waiter.
#1 Answer: Taking orders
Worst Answer: Falling down

Question: Name a unit of currency used in a country other than the US.
#1 Answer: Peso
Worst Answer: Ampere

Question: Name a reason why a woman might not want to kiss her boyfriend.
#1 Answer: Bad breath
Worst Answers: She doesn't love him that much

Question: Name something you do in front of your husband that you probably never did when you were dating. #
1 Answer: Undress
Worst Answer: Make out

Question: Name a complaint you might have about the pizza that was just delivered.
#1 Answer: It's cold
Worst Answers: It went to the wrong address
Louie Anderson's Response: And you just happened to be there.

Question: Name something you need to play Scrabble. #
1 Answer: Letters
Worst Answer: Dice
Louie Anderson's Response: Where did you learn to play Scrabble?

Question: Name the age when a man might start to lose a lot of hair.
#1 Answer: 30
Worst Answer: 14

Question: Name the best month to schedule a wedding.
#1 Answer: June
Worst Answer: Summer

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Wireless internet and my laptop. I was blog-surfing on my back patio. Where there was a breeze. Oh my goodness it's been hot. It was 32 degrees when I got home from work at 6:00 pm (That would be about 128 degrees fahrenheit for any American readers.)

2. My kids have awesome friends. I have a feeling most of them are coming to Creation with me. How lucky am I? Very.

3. The extra fan I confiscated from Clint's room. Now I have a stereo-style wind storm in my room.


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