Sunday, June 25, 2006

If my time is worth $5 per hour, then I've invested well over $500 in vehicle juggling this year.

"Life will be so much easier once he's driving," someone told me a long time ago.
They were lying. No part of this past year has been easier because Clint has a licence.

Hours and hours of time has been spent on purchasing, registering, licencing, insuring, maintaining, selling, and uninsuring our second car - that lovely brown 1980 Camero.
A few weeks ago Clint bought a 2002 Dodge Dakota from his uncle and getting the paperwork squared away on that deal took 3 days of after-work running around. Last week he had the brakes looked at, and found out they were shot. A $1200 bill and two days without a vehicle meant more after-work running around to get the Camero back to Langley so that he'd have a vehicle to use while his truck was getting repaired.

The sale of the Camero finalized today. Two trips to two different insurance agents in Surrey, a treck out to the purchaser's mom's place and then over to the yard where he has the car stored, boiled down to another 3 hours of my life wasted on car registration and insurance issues.

But it's over. The car is in a happy place, parked beside it's brother, another beaten up 1980 Camero in a non-landscaped, overgrown, chain-link fenced compound filled with Harley's, dismantled pick up trucks, beer drinking, grey-haired pony-tailed good ol Surrey boys...

Seeing the car he bought from me is the only one with papers, it will likely be the one that gets to driven. The other Camero will be used for parts. "Hey whadda ya think?" the purchaser said with pride this morning. "By the time I'm finished, I will have the perfect Surrey car, eh"

I wish I could have taken a picture. Or captured the smell of the place. I was in the deepest bowels of Surrey, and lived to tell the tale.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Max is still 15. I don't have to worry about a vehicle for him to drive for at least 18 months. And Drew's van will remain an uninsured toy for him to play with on the farm.
2. I took a 37 minute break today and suntanned.
3. One of Max's friends is getting baptized in the ocean tomorrow evening. YAY! Back to White Rock...


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