Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is it that time again?

I am so PMSing.

First I bawl at the funeral of a 96 year old woman who I've seen no more than 6 times in my life and who is not related to me.

Then for no reason at all, the tears do not stop flowing at the wedding of James and Julia.

Now, tonight, I'm sitting here with wet cheeks because of this eleven year old's voice. Hopefully I will be back to my version of normal by next Wednesday, or I'm be even more of a mess than usual during opening night.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I can check another item off my list. I was at Minter Gardens (with my boys, which had been my original intent) on Sunday for the reception. Drew and Clint frolicked (which is what I imagined they'd do) while Max sat in the truck and played Nintendo DS (which brings him great joy). So it was a win/win for everyone.

2. If I put my laptop beside my desk I can do two things at once. Blog on the laptop while playing Wheel of Fortune on my PC. It's a win/win situation - everybody's happy. I'm thankful I'm home alone tonight.

3. I got hour and hours of yard work done this evening. Plus I made a list 68 items long with all the things I need to do before Tuesday. Making that list puts a sense of order in my life. I can now proceed, earning check marks as I go. Really stupid how satisfying that is.

Clint and Drew at the peacock flower display where 20 years ago their dad and I (along with friends, Fish and Marg) posed for pics in the exact same spot.

OK. Now I'm stumped. I've only got one spin left, so I can't guess wrong. I've already got over $40,500 riding on this game and I don't know the answer:

TARZAN _ _N _ _ _ THE A _ E_

Forget it. Just figgered it out. King of the Apes... Yay Jane.

Following the advice of friends, I am ignoring the warning I received two years ago and am freezing 50 litres of bottled water. Thankful that I have 2 fridges and an upright freezer. When I stopped at Safeway tonight to purchase said water, the clerk asked why I was buying so much. Explained I was heading to the desert with 9 teenagers next week where they are expecting record temperatures.

"Is your husband going too?"

"Nope. Just me, my sons, their cousins and some friends."

The gal bagging my groceries looked embarassed and said to me, "How's it going? I know about your family from your brother-in-law... Are you and the boys doing OK?"

Oh my goodness. It's been 8 years.

Other than being a fat cow, covered in dirt from attacking the weeds in my garden, bloated from rampant hormonal surges and tear streaked because of some 11 year old with a voice that gave me shivers - yeah, I'm fine.



My Thots said...

I can't wait to get to Creationfest. It will be hot but it will be wonderful. If you see me please remind me I said that on about Friday!!! Thanks

raych said...

dearest jane
checklists help bring order out of chaos. they are proof that all of our requirements are concrete and have names like 'empty lint trap.' i always get freaked out when the to-do's are looming, nameless and terrifying, in my mind. once i've sat down and slotted 'research major paper' into one afternoon and 'clean out closet and desk' into another afternoon and one by one everything's found a place, i can feel calm return. and check marks are their own reward.

ramblin'andie said...

LOVE that picture of Drew and Clint. Hilarious!

I cried when I listened to the 11 year old too. I'm not PMSing, but I suppose there's a slight chance my hormones might be outta whack. Maybe. Still, she's pretty doggone good.

Hey, when you're at Creationfest next week, will you make specially sure to enjoy Third Day for me? They're my favorite. If I could get married again, I'd scorn the traditional wedding and just have a third day concert. Have a fabulous time with your 9 teenagers. I'll be thinking of you!

Christine Lindsay said...

Love the picture of Clint and Drew 'frolicking'.