Saturday, July 22, 2006

WHoLEy HanNAh was it HOT today or what?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Conversations like this one:
"Mom? Markie and I were comparing armpit hair. I've got more." (Markie is a summertime-only- friend who was in Europe for a few weeks with his family, so they connected for the first (and possibly only) time this season. They had alot of catching up to do this afternoon. Guess they covered the important stuff.

2. That I survived embarrassing encounter #279:
It was Thursday. Drew, Mandi and I arrived at the lake at 7:30 pm. First thing after unpacking our stuff, I ran upstairs and washed my face. Then I pulled my hair back into to tight ponytail and put on a big thick black head band to pull all the stray hairs away from my face. I changed into unflattering comfortable clothes and dropped into my chair on the deck. Wearing my dad's dark brown horn-rimmed reading glasses I got lost in my book. The breeze was heavenly, I was completely relaxed and totally at peace. "Excuse me?"
I looked up, but everything was blurry as reading glasses are useless unless you're reading.
"Whoa," he said. "You're not Julie."
I pulled the glasses off and remembered about the barenaked face and severe old lady hair.
"Uh. Nope. I'd be her sister..."

And so it came to pass that I met one of our new neighbours at the lake. I kinda wish he'd have been blind. Or at least seriously sight impaired.
(Two families bought the property next to us, each with 4 children between the ages of 11 and 20. When I mentioned this to Max and Zac tonight as I picked them up from camp, they both immediatley said, in unision, "Shoddy ...
Zac shoddied the 20 year old.
Max the 11 year old.

Those boys are getting some kind of self confidence...)

3. Lower back ache and cramps. YES. Thank you, God.


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