Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some days I just love being their mom...

"Hey. How was your day? With Terry back from holidays did you have alot to do?" I ask Max as we drive home from work.
"Yeah. It was good. We boxed everything, then shrink-wrapped it and put it on pallets."
He is dirty, smelling of concrete dust, yet happy.
"Did you work today?" he asks me.
"How'd that go?"
"It was our newletter stuffing day. Four of us were prepared to spend the day folding and stuffing envelopes when a salesman dropped by with a sorting machine. Complimentary. They set it up for us..."
"Did it work out OK?"
"It was sweet."
"Did you know that Sweden is way ahead of us in clean air emissions? They've cut out 20% of their fossil fuels. And they figure that in 15 years they will be fossil fuels independent."
"What are they using instead?"
"Biofuels. Like from crops. Corn oil and stuff."
"No kidding."
"And, BC could be doing something similar, but we're way behind. You know all that pine beetle dead wood? They could be chopping down those trees and grinding it into pellets to use to heat people's houses..."
"Who did you have lunch with today?" I ask.
"Nobody. I read the paper."

When we get home I start making pasta, Drew empties the dishwaher, Max sets the table and Clint BBQs the steak.
"I used to take milk so for granted." Max observes as he pours himself a large glass.
"I know. Camp does that to you..." Clint agrees. "But they put milk out in the mornings."
"That's just for cereal."
"There's always a 2 litre carton on ice at the other meals."
"That's for coffee."
"Did you know that polydactyl cats are considered to be good luck on ships?" Clint asks.
"What's a polydactyl cat?"
"Extra toes. It's a genetic trait. Gives them extraordinary climbing and hunting skills."
"Hemingway was a famous lover of polydactyl cats."
"He was?"
"He was first given a six-toed cat by a ships's captain. His house still has about 60 descendants from that cat, most of which are polydactryl."
"Why do you know this?" I ask.
"In the movie "Fight Club" they make a reference to Ernest Hemingway. I didn't know who he was so I looked him up on Wickipedia."
"You are such a nerd," I say, full of love and admiration for a kid who hated school but loves information and memorizes wickipedia facts.

After supper, Drew and I go to Walmart to buy school supplies and school clothes.
The clothes will all have to be returned. He grew a full size this summer, and for the first time in his life his age (12) does not match his clothes size (looks like he's a 14).
And we rented a movie...
Which we watched together.

At 12:30 am when it was over, Clint and I went for a walk. 'Round the 'hood. To talk about an awesome free-lance opportunity that popped out of nowhere.

We just got back. (1:30am)
And so it comes to pass that as another day draws to a close my window sills remain blechky and the dining table dumping ground is still overflowing.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. "Out of the blue" phone calls that bring good news.
2. A fun party at the lake on the weekend.
3. Answered prayer.


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