Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday Fiver. On Sunday.

Apple of My Eye
1. Have you been apple picking yet this year?
Yes. I have picked the 4 apples that my apple tree produced.

2. Where do you go to buy or pick your apples?
Usually I pick my apples from the apple bin at Safeway. However, this year I'm buying a box of what has been described as "extreme" apples from the designer/programmer of our donation processing software. What does a computer geek know about apples you ask. W e l l he has been to apple growing conferences/conventions and taste-tested a number of varities. A large number. And, hands down, this particular variety, grown only at one orchard in Keremeos, was 10 times sweeter and more flavorful than any other apple known to man. (Or at least this particular man.) I bought the story he was selling, and ordered a box (35 pounds) of the best apples on earth. If you ask nicely, I'll share.

3. What is your favorite variety of apple?
Hopefully my new favorite variety will be the one that I will soon have 35 pounds of.
My other favorite is "Honey Crisp". It tastes just like it's name. Honey sweet and delightfully crisp.

4. How do you like to eat your apples (fresh, dipped in caramel, baked into a pie, etc)?
Peeled and cut in eighths.
Or in a homemade pie with ice cream.

5. They say an apple-a-day keeps the doctor away. When was the last time you saw your doctor?
I have been avoiding him like the plague.
I think it's been 3 years since I've dropped in to see the man. For obvious reasons. But on my list of 101 things to do in the next 1001 days is "Have a physical." Also on my list is "Have moles removed." Both activities require me to get naked. In front of a man. Under flourescent lights. On a table. Cold metal instruments will be used. And I will have no clothes on. Shudder.


Thanks Lynne for your one word answers. Next Friday I will try to do the same. One word responses. Now that will be an exciting post. Hold on to your seats. Only 5 sleeps ...

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My Thots said...

Answers: Nope, Ralph's, Macs, Fresh, Today so I can become a driving ed instructor!! Yes I'm crazy!!!!