Sunday, September 10, 2006

I couldn't be prouder...

"Your Rachel has an article in the latest Herald," my mom said as she handed me her copy. "It's about Thailand or something."

She is my Rachel. Nelson (my friend and her college prof) gave her to me. Last year he asked me to encourage her to keep writing because she's got a gift.

Not knowing anything about writing myself, all I could do was advise her to write everyday - and maybe get a blog going.

She did.
Her posts from Thailand were egggsellent. But one in particular, in my humble opinion was brilliant. (Look through her archives: Wed July 19)

So I e-mailed her and told her to submit it to the Herald. (Current issue not online yet.)
She did.
They published it.

And I'm so so so very proud of her.
This girl may be the next Anne Lamot. Keep an eye on her...

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