Friday, October 13, 2006

Comfy Couch Night

The Youth Group was divided into three teams.
They were given a couch and told to photograph themselves on it creatively and in unusual places.
Unfortunately their photographing skills did not match their imaginative ability. The full set of photos have been posted on the Murrayville Youth Blog.

Once the event had ended, 11 boys, 5 trucks and 3 couches ended up in my driveway.
After watching Jon swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon, they left to "ride" the couch down hospital hill road. (One of the sofas had caster wheels. Clearly that meant it was designed to be driven down a street.) Wearing their snowboarding helmuts (a safety measure taken for my sake) they left my house full of enthusiasm for all the fun these couches would bring.
Ten minutes later they were back.
The police found the couches to be unroadworthy.
Now they want to find a big parking lot where they will attach the couches to the back of their trucks and drag them. In circles.
After that they want to smash one of them with a sledge hammer. And drop the other one from a high place.
Then burn them.
For any girls reading this, you need to understand. This is what boys do. Dangerous, destructive things that make no sense.
There's a good chance they'll never outgrow their love of blowing things up.
We can either reason with them, fight with them, or photograph them.
The choice is ours.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I had a spare 90 minutes this evening, so I met a friend and we (she insisted) bought me some professional girly accessories - like a scarf and two necklaces as well as a servicable black blazer.
2. My apples were a hit with the youth. Some even took two. (What is wrong with my children? Normal people eat apples. I am not trying to ruin their lives by encouraging them to add fruit to their diet.)
3. I survived a week of meetings and filing, my least favorite activities at work.

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