Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday Fiver. On Friday.

All In a Day's Work
1. Number of jobs you've held.

Hobby Hut, The Vancouver Sun's circulation department, Sweet Sixteen clothing store in the mall, Wolstencroft Realty as a realtor, Billie's Country, Bevo Greenhouses for a season and Arrow Leadership. Seven. Seven jobs in my lifetime. With the exception of those years between 1999 and 2002 when I was trying to get my life back in order, I've always been employed.

2. Your biggest raise, by percent.
Raise? People get raises?

3. Have you ever quit?
I quit Hobby Hut to go to Bible School. I quit Sweet Sixteen because I got a better job at The Sun. I quit The Sun because I became a realtor. I quit Wolstencroft because I hated it and we opened Billie's. Billie's closed, so I became a farm worker at Bevo where I worked for one growing season but chose not to go back.
4. Have you ever been fired?
5. Your worst mistake on the job.
a) I accidently watered an entire greenhouse bay with floor cleaner instead of fertilizer. Death of a monumental scale ensued.
b) I hung up on an abusive guy who called in to complain that he hadn't received his newspaper.
c) I filled in the Contract of Sale incorrectly and ended up selling the house for the deposit amount only. Legal action was taken and thousands of dollars later it was corrected.
d) I misread the material list for a hanging basket project and sold the customer the wrong size of polypropolene for her macrame hanger. She was halfway through the knottiness when she discovered my error. Legal action was taken and thousands of dollars later it was corrected.

OK. I've slept in. Blogged and read blogs.
It's 10:30 and time to tackle the house.
Isn't today a wonderful wonderful day?

Happy Thanksgiving...

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