Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Followed some links and ended up reading some youth sponsor's blog:

One of his previous postings was a list of "Qualities that would prevent someone from getting a date with me":

1. Red Hair
2. Australian Accent
3. Skinny
4. Too Much Makeup
5. First Name Not Ending In The Letter "A"(nothing personal, had this one since I was 13)
6. Digimon Fan
7. Dad Who is in Construction or Some Other Trade
8. Bruises Easily
9. Facial Hair (unless you have hypertrichosis)
10. Horse Lover
11. Taller Than Me
12. Foot Odor
13. Friend of Jackie's (my sister)
14. Likes the TV Show "Seventh Heaven"
15. Wears Chokers
16. Bad Speller
17. Sci-Fi Lover
18. Listens to Country Music
19. Drinks Wine
20. Hugs Everyone

Isn't that the funniest list?

I'm going to get my boys to write out their lists, just to see how universal his quirkiness is.


raych said...

youth sponsors shouldn't be picky. having a spouse makes them more eligable for jobs. they should just marry any old whoever at the age of 21.
(p.s. to continue the saga of how you and i are connected by a million strands of varying thicknesses, i don't know this guy, but i know quite a few people on his 'people i know from...' lists. plus, we may have gone to school together)

ramblin'andie said...

The deeper I get sucked into blogworld, the more I realise that we're all connected somehow. Six degrees...only in blogland it might not even be that many...