Monday, November 20, 2006

He's been dunked good.

Max was baptized on Sunday morning. Here he is giving his testimony. You can't tell, but he is not nervous at all. Not one little bit. Here, he and the pastor are standing in a tank of cold water -
This is a happy boy:

42 folks came back to the house for lunch.
Then 28 stayed to hang out for the afternoon; a few guys played with the new Nintendo Wii system

A few of us sat in the dining room and in consideration of our children, worked at keeping our brains sharp and minds alert by doing Sudoku puzzles for hours,

Some played outside.
Some visited in the kitchen.
And a very small group of men watched the Grey Cup game in the family room.
November 19.
It was a very good day.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Even though my furnace is broken again, I have two gas fireplaces that are keeping the cold at bay.
2. Max has some incredible friends.
3. So do I.

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Christine Lindsay said...

So very happy with the spiritual growth of your boys. the Lord has heard your prayers.