Saturday, November 11, 2006

I knew all these art supplies would come in handy some day -

ARTrageous (youth) night... decorating the Operation Christmas Child Boxes.
And doodling.
Alot of doodling.
Clint was the organizer.
I stopped by to take pictures on my way home.
Craft night, Clinton style.
I trained that boy good.

They're good kids.

Holy kids?

Afterwards most of them came back here. To play Trivia Pursuit.

And engage in deep, meaningful conversation. Such as -
Tessa, in amazement to Jesse, "You read the atlas in the bathroom?"
"Yeah, you might not know this, coming from a family of all girls like you do, but us guys? We read in the bathroom."

Or, "How did you know that answer?"
"I once dressed up for a science class, in like, a costume. I attached basketballs to both of my hands and walked into the room with my arms stretched out, hands facing down. The teacher wanted to know what I was. I told her I was fallopian tubes."

Or, and I found this fascinating, "Three countries in Europe that start with A? That would be Andorra, Austria and Albania."

I totally mocked him regarding Andorra. I'd never heard of it. Thus, there couldn't possibly such a place.
Andorra. Check it out.

I've been humbled.

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