Saturday, December 9, 2006

Five on Fri

In the new year...
1. List one person you've lost touch with that you will look up.
Karla? Joyce?

2. List two places you want to go.
Crazy Horse Memorital in the Badlands, South Dakota
Edmonton at the end of May to see David Crowder concert at the Youth Conference

3. List three habits you want to change.
Going straight to the fridge when I walk in the front door.
Late night blog surfing.
Getting sucked into pointless arguements with the kids.

4. List four things you hope to learn.
How to use indesign software for graphic arts.
How to use the white balance thingy on my camera.
How to use the VCR.
How to get through a day without chocolate.

5. List five goals you would like to achieve.
Just 5? Need I remind you of "The List"?

101 Things To Do in the Next 1,001 Days
1. Remove the damn chippies from the garage. Sept 10, 2006: I told Clint he had one week to get rid of them. “Or what?” he asked. “Or…or…I’ll be miserable to live with because I’m sick of them being in there. If you don’t remove them, I’ll be disappointed and angry and frustrated.” “I can live with that,” he decided. Update: Dec 9, 2006 - They are out of the garage. And in the crawlspace...
2. Get a new hair do. Preferably one that does not involve the daily use of multiple appliances. Sept 2006: Some days my hair is so matted after washing it, that it takes 15 – 20 minutes to comb through. I don’t always have that much spare time in the morning, so I pull it back, uncombed, into a big ol messy pony tail. When I get home from work, it’s still damp. Feel sorry for me, please.
3. Try 10 new recipes. (works out to one every 100 days) Sept 2006:I have the first one ready to try in the next few days.
4. Buy a laptop. Check. Rec'd one as a gift on June 3, 2006
5. Enter a photography contest. Sept 2006:There’s an upcoming one with a Sept 30 deadline. I don’t think I took any “good” photos this summer, though. Bummer. Might have to wait til next year.
6. Take a challenging photography class. Challenging = Expensive. Might have to wait on this one.
7. Attend a family re-union. Done . Sept 10, 2006 – My mom’s side of the family: The Neumann’s.
8. Do the Sun Run in less than 90 minutes.
9. Figure out a long-term solution to my facial hair problem.
10. Try a fruit not previously tasted. Done. Dragonfruit. Won’t go out of my way to have it again.
11. Try a vegetable not previously tasted.
12. Lose 10 pounds.
13. Lose another 10 pounds.
14. Lose an additional 10 pounds.
15. Lose 10 more pounds.
16. And again with the 10 pounds.
17. Plant grass in back corner of yard. Drew and I threw down enough grass seed to cover an acre in an 8 foot by 8 foot space on Tuesday June 6, 2006 Now whether it actually becomes a patch of grass remains to be seen. July 18 Update: Half of it has come in.. Sept 10, update. It’s all growed. Looks good.
18. Finish Europe scrapbook. Crumb. I can’t even find it. Dec 9, 2006 - Found it. Still haven't worked on it.
19. Hire someone to wash all the blinds.
20. Buy another lens for my camera.
21. Read through the Bible. Twice. Two different versions.
22. Plant 10 scented flowering plants in the backyard.
23. See the Northern Lights.
24. Explore a Gulf Island.
25. Go tenting.
26. Enjoy an evening of live theatre. Done. Bard on the Beach – August 23, 2006.
27. See a musical.
28. Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery.
29. Have dinner at a new restaurant.
30. Go quadding.
31. Watch Season 4 of West Wing. Done. October 2006
32. Watch Season 5 of West Wing. Done November 2006
33. Watch Season 6 of West Wing. Done November 2006
34. Watch Season 2 of Lost. Done September 2006
35. Join Murrayville Church.
36. Submit an article to the Herald.
37. Have house painted a non-peach color.
38. Sponsor another child. Done. Edwin from Uganda.
39. Make a batch of canned peaches.
40. Read 100 books. Thirty done so far…Sept 10, 2006 and none since then...
41. Go to Cannon Beach in Oregon with my boys. Show them the rock where The Goonies was filmed.
42. Volunteer in a soup kitchen.
43. Offer to babysit a newborn. Done. Babysat Tink for 50 minutes.
44. Go on a hike in the Vedder/Chilliwack area.
45. Go on a hike in the Golden Ears area.
46. Go on a hike in the Whistler area.
47. Snowboard one more time.
48. Do a front flip on the trampoline.
49. Grow a citrus tree in the greenhouse.
50. Observe Lent.
51. Give out grocery gift certificates to street people.
52. Try to arrange a vacation house swap.
53. Go to the Okanagan in the fall and pick apples.
54. Enter everyone’s phone numbers into my cell phone.
55. Visit 3 different Vancouver beaches.
56. Watch the Fireworks from a location other than Kits Beach. Done. Aug 5, 2006. Watched the fireworks from English Bay.
57. Visit the Asian Market in Richmond. Done. Friday Sept 1, 2006
58. See a show at the Pacific Theatre.
59. Buy a black bra.
60. Throw out all obsolete files. Done. Sept 9, 2006
61. Buy a new mattress for my room at Cultus.
62. Repaint walls in hallway.
63. Have a picnic in 6 previously unvisited parks.
64. Bake a pie. Easier to just buy Maxine’s pies.
65. Apply to go to Europe with Drew’s class.
66. Have laser surgery on eyes. Or buy a dozen pairs of reading glasses. Bought another triple pack of reading glasses from Costco Sept 6, 2006.
67. Deal with old journals.
68. Enlarge and frame summer photographs for empty walls in room at Cultus.
69. Buy a denim jacket. Done Oct 2006
70. Get glove box fixed in truck.
71. Have moles removed.
72. Go bowling.
73. Play lazer tag.
74. Go for 101 days without chocolate.
75. Replace the fridge. Done. It will be delivered next Tuesday. Will finish paying for it June 2008. I LOVE it
76. Learn a new craft. Take a class.
77. Send 100 birthday/greeting cards 20 sent out so far, Sept 10, 2006. Have sent another 28 since then.
78. Visit a non-Mennonite place of worship Check. Worshipped at Southgate (Pentacostal) on Sunday June 4, 2006
79. Make a new friend.
80. Try 10 different types/flavours of tea. Have tried 3 so far, Sept 10, 2006
81. Drink 1,001 litres of water.
82. Take a computer graphics software course. Hopefully in October. Maybe in January?
83. Go to Buchart’s Gardens.
84. Go to VanDusen Gardens.
85. Go to Minter Gardens. Check. July 16, 2006
86. Go to Sendall Gardens.
87. Purchase couch.
88. Pray for 100 people once a week.
89. Host a dance.
90. Make a doctor’s appointment. Have a complete physical.
91. Book a spa weekend at Harrison. Facial, Massage, Pedicure…
92. Finish photograph album project. Have moved the project home… now my dining room is full of albums to be conquered and divided. Project has been moved to my closet. I fear it will never get finished...
93. Write a letter to an author I admire.
94. Attend a book-reading event.
95. Attend a lecture/speaking event at Regent College.
96. Attend a lecture/speaking event at TWU.
97. Attend a lecture/speaking event at CBC.
98. Float on an air mattress on a river.
99. Float on an air mattress on a lake.
100. Float on an air mattress in a pool. I thought I’d do #’s 98, 99, and 100 this summer – float on the Columbia River while at Creationfest, float on Cultus Lake with my floaty friends, and float in my sister’s pool. There’s always next summer…
101. Visit my grandparents’s graves. I didn’t visit their graves, but I did drive past all their homes. I was amazed by the strength of my emotions as I stopped in front of homes that were a huge part of my childhood. I don’t think visiting their graves will cause the same reaction.

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