Sunday, January 7, 2007

2:30 am conversation

Me: "Who's up?" I've just watched episode 6 of the first season of 24. My heart rate is accelerated and my adrenalin is pumping overtime.
Max: "Just me."
Me: "I thought you went to bed hours ago."
Max: "I'm so hungry..."
Me: "How can that be? We had 2 suppers tonight. One at 6 with Drew. And a Sushi one with Clint at 9:30."
Max: "All I know is, my stomach is empty and growling."
He goes downstairs.
Then comes back up 2 minutes later.
I walk over to his bedroom.
Me: "Do you want me to make you something?"
Max: "It's OK. I've got sausage and crackers."
Me: (Whimpering) "Here in your clean bedroom? Sausage and crackers..."

Deep cleansing breath.
It'll get cleaned up next year.

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raych said...

mmmmmmmm, 24. if i remember correctly, in each episode, someone's life was saved, but two more people were thrust into mortal peril and left hanging until the next episode. brilliant marketing scheme.