Friday, January 26, 2007

Congratulations, Mr. Crowder -

David Crowder Band has been selected as MSN’s Artist of the Year 2006.

After being named July 2006’s Artist of the Month, the band was nominated alongside INXS, Prince, Christina Aguliera and Kenny Chesney for Artist of the Year. After leading on Dec. 21 with 77% of the more than 270,000 votes, the final tally gave the David Crowder Band the deciding vote as MSN noted, “They've single-handedly redefined what contemporary Christian music should sound like…and earned your vote for 2006's Artist of the Year.”

Told you they were good.

Creationfest 07 Main Stage
How many more sleeps?


Anonymous said...

well actually they didn't earn the vote per se since some of their fans actively promoted using a computer program in order to pile up the votes and since the formula for same was published more than once at the Dave Crowder's band's official website and not deleted, one can assume they condoned the cheating, apparently once INXS fans cottoned on to what they were doing, they stole the same program so generously published for the whole WWW to see, but clearly the DCB fans were just slightly better at the cheating... a certain irony for a Christian band, whereas INXS is known for The Devil Inside, ha!

I'm betting you won't post this though

Jane said...

You bet wrong.