Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hi Alicia, Rick, Charlotte and Linda

Thanks for commenting. Very cool. What about the rest of you? Come on, you've got just a few more days til delurking week is over. Who are you? And why in the world are you reading my blog? Truly, it's quite boring. Unless you're my mom. Then it's fascinating. Moms are like that. I'm a mom, so I know. I just sorted through the kids' rubbermaid containers. (You know, the ones in the hall closet filled with their best, most interesting, most endearing schoolwork.) Is there nothing more awesome than their grade 2 journals? Every word they write is precious.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Christmas is down. As in boxed up and put away. Except the Christmas lights outside. That's a "guy job" I think. As soon as the snow melts I'll get the guys to untangle the tree.

2. We did not turn the TV on today. Course we each sat at a computer for a few hours, but still. Celebrate with me ... no TV. Which for some families is not a big deal, I know. I've got friends who never turn the TV on for any reason, ever on school nights. No exceptions. I wish I had started a policy like that when the kids were young. Think how smart they'd be. How creative. How well-read. How on-top-of-their-homework...

3. In addition to the never-ending desire to have chocolate 14 times an hour, I actually craved something else today. Brocolli and brussel sprouts. Go figure.



Tricia said...

about 15 years ago when our children were young I realized we were watching way too much tv but didn't know how to breeak the habit. One afternoon while doing my devotions I prayed and asked the Lord to get rid of our television. Less than an hour later it was struck by lightening and destroyed, (along with our answering machine.) We went without tv for two years and because we didn't have a computer, we got to spend alot of time reading, playing games , and just hanging out together. The first week was the hardest but after that we really didn't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane..Just thought we would let you know that you have three more lurkers out there! (well you probably already know) The Richardson females read your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs O. I guess I'm a lurker too... not stalker mode, but I check back every once in a while. (lurking since...2005? right after Europe - the pics are always fun to remember.) Thanks for coming with us by the way. kylie