Monday, January 15, 2007

Just doing a lil blog surfing before I head upstairs ...

and noticed that Andie in Langley, bought the same mugs from Starbucks that Tricia in Florida did. Weird that they both bought the exact same items on opposite sides of the continent. But weirder that they both blogged about it.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I live in a house, not a cardboard box.
2. Socks.
3. My family.


PS. Did I say 100 consecutive days? Or just 100 days? Because to go 100 days in a year without chocolate would be quite a feat too.
And I think I said "100 days without a chocolate bar, didn't I? If, I like accidently ate one or a whole batch of warm from the oven, made from scratch chocolate chip cookies, that doesn't count, does it? Especially it they were consumed the night before my PMS ended. I'm really quite insane during that 24 hour time frame, and shouldn't be held accountable.
I'm back on track now. Only that one slip up in 15 days.
Unlike Andie who has lost 5.5 pounds this month, I've probably gained 12. Because rather than eating nothing when I have a chocolate craving, I eat an apple pie. Or a loaf of bread. Or the contents of my freezer.
Why do I do that?

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raych said...

because the contents of one's freezer are usually ice cream. and ice cream BEGS to be eaten.