Saturday, January 27, 2007

Road Trip

Spring Break in Arizona this year.
Maxine found a house for us to rent:
Lovely 1 acre back yard, complete with pool and gas BBQ area.

The architecture is definitely post-modern-desert-style. I love it.

The surrounding landscape is beautiful raw desert.

The house even comes with a pool table. (Surprisingly, about 90% of the homes we looked at had billards.)

But then,

... there's this bedroom.
See that wall colour?
I grew up in a house with that exact same colour on the walls in our living room and dining room.
Explains alot, doesn't it?
This time, the husbands are coming along. Theirs. Not mine. I don't have one, remember? And the plan is to drive non-stop. That would be driving all night and all day and not stopping. Max and Drew are totally psyched. Me? Not so much. Oh how I wish there were cheap flights to Phoenix.
In all, there will be 13 of us in 2 vehicles traipsing across the country making memories. I can hardly wait.

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