Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So after work today -

... I rushed out to Abbotsford to meet some friends for coffee at our favorite donut shop.

There are 4 of us in this group, and between us we have 12 children. And 2 ex-husbands. And 2 son-in-laws. And almost 2 grandchildren. One of us is a newly wed. Another one celebrated her 100th wedding anniversary. We all have wrinkles.

We have laughed and cried through the challenges of cancer, broken marriages, people we love with addictions, difficult step-children, aging parents, a child who died too young, normal moronic teenaged children...

If those chairs at Tim's could talk. Oh the stories they could tell.
Well. Actually. I guess most folks would find our stories boring.

But I'm thinking, talking chairs has got to be a better ad than that "Steeped" tea commercial.
Maybe I'll submit an idea.

Probably not.

From Abby, I went straight home to apply another layer of mud to my face, have a very quick dinner with Clint and then see a movie with a friend:

Those chicks know how to scream/sing.
There were 3 scenes that were cheesy. Too cheesy. Gaggy cheesy.
But other than that, it was OK.
It would have been better if they had used some of the Supreme's music. (Like the way Walk the Line used Johnny and June's tunes. I'm jus sayin...)
The best (very best) part? (Well, other than the obvious good time I had with a good friend?)
The 30 second scene that John Krasinski had:

My Christmas-break crush was right there! On the big screen.
I was so not expecting that.
My obsession with all things John was getting out of hand. (Did you know that Pam, his Office love, actually has a working computer at her receptionist desk on the set? Do you know what she does when she's supposed to "look busy" while filming? She blogs. Oh yeah. John has fallen in love with a blogger. This makes me smile. And gives me hope.) Anyway, like I was saying, this John thing was getting to be too much, so I switched over to Kiefer last night. I think John missed all the attention I was giving him, so he arranged to surprise me in the theatre tonight.
How old am I?

Kiefer's OK.
But he doesn't have brown eyes.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends. All shapes, sizes, ages, interests and experiences.
2. The Christmas gift I ordered for Clint is arriving tomorrow: 1,000 one inch flourescent bouncy balls. Because with all the chippy's out of the garage, it seems empty and lifeless.
3. Other than the melted, gooey, sticky Icy Square Karmen handed me in the theatre tonight, I've gone 3 days without chocolate. (That one didn't count because I didn't enjoy it.)

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Christine Lindsay said...

Light blue eyes can appear 'icy' but with his whole personality and that incredible warm toffee sounding voice the eyes warm up. I think he's gorgeous. The other guy is too young, but very cute . . . cute as a button which doesn't do a thing for this old lady.