Saturday, January 13, 2007

So, it's Saturday night.

And I'm sitting here, minding my own business, blogging and whatnot.
Drew is over at his cousin's house.
Max is with friends.
Clint is at work.

When, suddenly, he's home. Saying, "Merry Christmas, here's another gift for you."
And I'm all like, "You don't have to buy me anything else. The DVDs you got me (The Office seasons 1 and 2... how life changing were those?) are awesome. I love them."
And he's all like, "just open it. I ordered it before Christmas and just got it now."

So, like, I opened it.
And, well, I'm crying.

I've told him to take it back. No way he's supposed to spend that kinda money on me.

But then I held it.
It feels SO good.

And I tried it out. The shutter sound? Music. Pure music to my ears.

And well, I'm feeling lucky and blessed and loved. So, in case anyone is interested, I'm selling the body of my original digital Canon Rebel. Kinda sad to say good bye to it (all the memories) but my boy has given me an upgrade. Be prepared, there will likely be a whole lot more pix than prose in future postings.

Thanks, Clint. Love you.

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