Saturday, February 10, 2007

My kitchen table. Friday night.

Drew had a friend over this evening, but they played in the garage mostly. Max had three friends over and they hung out in the front hall. I had two friends over and we claimed the kitchen table. And tried to figure out "white balance" on our cameras. By fiddling with the settings then taking pictures of my light fixture.

I shoulda borrowed a laptop so we all could've had one.
How horribly nerdy am I if I say this is one of my favoritest ways to spend a weekend evening?
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Lazy Friday nights. With friends. And photographic equipment.
2. A "B" on Max's report card.
3. Bathtubs.

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raych said...

ahaha, we all have our hidden nerd. i'm in my happy place right now (ie. any coffee shop with free wireless and a half-decent brew) with joel over there, studying. this is all i want from the world. i feel like if my favorite activities were crab-fishing and flamenco dancing, i'd be way more interesting, but poor.