Friday, March 9, 2007


I keep pounding my nose with the heel of my hand because it itches, way deep inside.

This morning I woke up suddenly with a stab of panic.
The soft, moist, large (well, large according to my dentist's assistant; "Wow. She's got a big one, eh?") tongue that usually rests behind my teeth was gone - and replaced by an appendage that felt like a shrivelled, dried out piece of overcooked roast beef. My nose had done got itself all plugged during the night, so in an effort to stay alive, my mouth opened itself and allowed my lungs to gather air through that opening.
Not a drop of moisture to be found in my mouth by the time I clued in to what was going on.

I've got that cold that my kids have been passing like a football back and forth to each other all winter long. This does not make me happy. I had to cancel dinner plans this evening... we were going to talk about photography and such. Insert frowny face and drippy nose.

After spending 2.5 hours of the phone during the early part of the evening getting my "free" accomodations with airmiles, I sank into the couch with my laptop, a carton of apple juice, a box of kleenex and the British version of The Office on DVD playing on the TV.

I've spent 4 hours trying to blog.
There is something wrong with:
1. My laptop, or
2. My router, or
3. Me

Clint came home at 11:00 and has been trying for 2 hours to troubleshoot, systematically checking out each possibility. This isn't the first time I've been frustrated with this issue. I'd say 3 out of 7 days a week, for the past 6 months, I've had problems. Most nights, after hours of starting a post, losing the connection, restarting the computer, I get a post up using 2 or 3 different computers; one to load the photos, and a different one to add the text. Of course, ideally, in a perfect world, I'd be able to open blogger, upload some pics, add my thoughts, and be done in an hour.
(Kinda makes you appreciate the effort that goes into a post , eh?)
(And makes one wonder why the hell I waste so many hours trying to share my innermost thoughts.)

Andie - is this something Andrew could help me with? Denise? Felice? Daryl? Anyone?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. On a whim (an expensive whim; $53. for one container) I bought some Cold FX from Costco last week. Drew needed it last Sunday, Monday - Max on Tuesday, Wednesday, - and me, Thursday, Friday.
2. Me feeling lousy coincided nicely with the boys' (Max and Drew's) night at their dad's. I could just sit and veg. Too bad I wasted those hours being frustrated with my laptop. (It's still not working. I'm on my old PC)
3. An incredibly uplifting e-mail regarding my contributions on a current project at work. I probably won't get fired this week.


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