Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rachel's Wedding

If you're not "the" photographer, any pics you take are from your seat in the ceremony. I was sitting on the aisle (yay) between two pillars with ferns (not so much a yay). Notice how lush the fern is.
I was actually taking a picture of the first bridesmaid...
I caught the second bridesmaid just as she walked beside me. Someone else's flash lit her up.

I barely changed the settings on my camera to catch the maid of honor.

Then, Rachel.
And the elbow of the fellow in front of me.

Less than a second later, she was right beside me. Walking too fast for my shutter speed.

Didn't bring my zoom. But that's Joel, waiting for his bride. He's smiling.

Rachel and her dad and mom....
Yes. That's the mother-of-the-bride.
Tiny. Elegant. I'm going to hire her to be the mother-of-the-groom when my kids get married.



Prayer of Blessing.

In the foyer, afterwards...

And yes, hot too.
Blowing kisses and glowing.

Backside of the dress.

Close-up of bodice.

Close-up of cookie mouth.

Gotta go.
Back to South Surrey for the reception...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jane, you are dear! Yours are the first photos I am getting to see since the wedding! Thank you!

Regarding your mother-of-the-groom stand-in idea, I’m thrilled to refer mine! Although, I found her to be a teeny bit temperamental, slightly emotional, often wanting to do things her own way, and she required a 25-year retainer agreement. When the time comes, just dial 888-make-a-wish, use the code word and tag letters, LiveToTheFullest * M-O-T-G, and you should find exactly what you want.

Rachel is delighted that you came and so am I.

Yours Truly,