Saturday, May 19, 2007

And the l o n g weekend has started ...

I spent the evening finishing up the power point slide shows on my to do list, napping, (all three boys were at Youth and the house was soooo quiet) and saying goodbye to this season's television watching. I doubt I'll intentially turn the TV on again til the fall.

So who watched The Office last night? Put your hand up. Do you need to see that part again? Go here. I've visited all my favorite Office chat sites tonight and discovered that Jenna (who plays Pam) fell down a steep set of marble steps on Monday and broke her back in 4 places. It's for late breaking news like this that makes me thankful that Pam, Ryan, Kevin, Angela, and Meredith all have MySpace pages. I keep looking for them on Facebook but they haven't shown up yet.

Anyone out there besides Andrew watch ER last night?
Oh my goodness.
I was NOT expecting that.
Are you kidding me? No legs? NO LEGS?
Holey moley.
I thought maybe they'd give him injuries so critical that he dies (and is written out of the show) as part of the finale. But nope - he's back next year. And "gets" a story-line deeper than his current love triange one.
Interested in hearing Shane and Parminder talk about the finale and next year's season opener?
Go here.
He seems like such a nice boy. I don't know why I feel compelled to pray for him, but I do. He probably wonders some days why he craves brocolli or has fleeting 'God moments' ...

Oh, didn't that song just stab your heart? It seemed vaguely familiar to me - like something I think Larry and Willy may have played on the radio the Friday after 9/11 when there was one minute of silence ... seems to me they came back on the air with that song.
So I clicked over to NBC to check out the boards regarding "Music on ER" and discovered the song is called Hallelujah and was done by Jeff Buckley. So I clicked over to Jeff Buckley's site and found out he died in 1997 due to a tragic drowning accident. But this song of his (originally done by Leonard Cohen) was also used on the shows "House", "OC", "Shrek" and "The West Wing".
You can listen to it here.

Speaking of music, last winter, whenever I went to the theatre to see a movie, a full length music video was played. Each time it was over, the person I was with would say, "What was that all about? What was that a commercial for?"
The twenty minutes before the feature presentation begins, one is usually forced to sit through cell phone commercials, on-line ticket purchasing propoganda, ads for Mazdas (zoom zoom), not to mention 6 - 10 trailers for upcoming movies. The music video seemed out of place. And I never saw the details regarding who the artist was.

I do see alot of movies, so by the time the Spring rolled around, I knew that song, and liked it.

The other night while at the Colosuss to watch Next, he, this unknown artist, had a new music video playing for our enjoyment.
And then this week on the radio, Larry was talking about this CD that his 17 year old daughter is playing over and over again ... The song hasn't been played on the radio, and the video isn't on MTV, but it is popular. So he played a clip and it was THAT song. The artist's name is Mika, and this is the song that keeps running through my brain. Catchy, isn't it?

So, this is it. The start of the long weekend.
Growing up, this was the "fishing" weekend - camping in the interior of BC.
Once the cabin was built, this was the first weekend of the season that we'd spend at Cultus.
My how things change.
I spent the night attached to the internet. The kids played KGB in the neighbourhood.
Clint is working on Saturday and Sunday. Max is on set up at church. We have a birthday party to go to on Sunday. And so on. We just might not make it up there at all this weekend. Or even this month. In fact, other than my quick visit a few Sundays ago, none of us has been there since Christmas.

That house in our backyard is taking all the fun out of it.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Nights like these.
2. The e-mail I got today from asking if they could post my divorce article on their site. That made me cry.
3. The pride, encouragement, support from C, M and D when I told them about the article getting more exposure.
Max: "You don't want to be a one trick pony, mom. Write something else. And don't make it be about divorce."
Drew: "Yeah, whatever. Talk to me again after you've written a book. We already know you can write an article."
Clint: "That's awesome. You know, there are people I work with who've read what you wrote..." (He seemed surprised that Mennonite ministry people would read a Mennonite magazine.)
Max: "Sorry mom, no one in my circles have seen it." (He seemed surprised that teenaged non-christians hadn't read a magazine distributed to Mennonite church members.)


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My Thots said...

Jane, I would love to read your article. Can I find it somewhere on the internet, or can you post it somewhere, since I don't get the MB Herald.
Thanks. Lynne