Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bristling with Immunities

I did it.
I took the time to carefully complete each step in my new facial-care routine this morning.
Then I swallowed 5 capsules the size of my thumb and mixed up 2 heaping scoops of chocolate-flavored protein powder with a cup and a half of orange juice.
I gagged it down while I drove to work (ohhh the lumps. Shhuuddder. Nasty. Slimy.) I limped into the building, dragged my sorry butt up a flight of stairs, waddled down the hall to my office, stopped to say hi to Angie then collapsed on my chair.

I could hear Angie at her desk, typing, then giggling.
Seconds later she popped into my office.

"Dude. You're going to think this is cheesy, but when I saw you this morning, I said to myself, "What did she do to her face? It looks fantastic. I really thought that. So I just checked your blog to see if you wrote about it - and wow. You can tell you did something. It looks really good."

(She might not have said Dude. But she was very complimentary. And, can I say how weird it is to have co-workers read your blog?)

My face kinda tingled all day ... I was aware of it. It (my skin) will probably melt off overnight and I'll wear a skull face tomorrow, but it was nice today.

Half-way through the day, I went back to the passport office to pick up Drew's passport. I'm still kicking myself for not bringing my camera to photograph the long twisty line of bright umbrellas winding around the building. It would have been a great image for Right Coast Left Coast.

After work I bought some emergency-medical travel insurance, even though I think I might be adequately covered through my plan at work. I think I have coverage through my Visa Gold as well - but better safe than sorry. So, an HOUR later, DONE! $5,000,000 coverage for each of us for $55.

Then, off to the doctor's office to get stabbed. Thirty minute wait in the waiting room, 15 minute wait in the exam room (all 4 of us in one tiny room) and then a quick jaunt over to the pharmacy to purchase the vaccines for $316.00 Back to the waiting room for 15 minutes and then the poking began. Clint and Max each got one, Drew got two, and I was the winner, getting three. My arm? Stiff.

There was a mess of bloody gauze pieces, used needles, empty vaccine vials and band aid packaging on the counter. As he was tidying up, he told the boys, "Well, guys, you're bristling with immunities..." Which made them feel like super heroes, I think. Invincible, and all that.

After the kids left, I told the doc about my knee and hip. He had me hop onto the table, and then he bent and pulled my legs while I climbed the walls and fell off the ceiling. "So this hurts?"
"Yes, " I squeaked.

I'm going for x-rays tomorrow.

We got home at 6:30. I'd missed my 4 pm protein shake break. So I ate a family sized chocolate bar and a pan of brownies.

I did not.

We had sushi.
No flour.
No sugar.

It's 8:30 pm. I think I'll just go to bed.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A doctor who did not say, "well, your poor legs are carrying alot of weight... maybe if you just lost some poundage, they'd stop rebelling."
2. A new friend in Florida who takes beautiful photos.
3. Spideman 3 is opening this weekend. And Sandra has a case lot of cereal boxes worth of free passes.


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Tricia said...

You got me with the choclate bar and brownies....seriously, its the kind of thing i do.