Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Didn't Cry This Time

My maturity is hardening my heart. That, or re-reading it for the second time didn't cause the same impact.
But I had to read it again.
Andrea thought I was like the character, Isabel.
And I originally thought I was more like Emma.
So I had to see who was right.
On a different note - Will we see Ray next week? He didn't die did he? I hope he and Neela kiss again. That last one was hard to get a good look at - being filmed through a snowy windshield and all...
And Pam! You go girl. Gutsy move on her part. Not sure I would have declared my feelings like that in front of the whole group. Because, you know, I'm way more shy about personal things. No way I'd put them out there like that, for say, everyone in the whole world who has an internet connection to see.

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