Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ummm. Hi. Welcome to My Blog.

I'm feeling pressure this evening to write something witty and poignant. Or something deeply profound and intensely spiritual. Anything to show I have character and intelligence, anything to offset yesterday's list of "I washed and filled up my truck" and " half of my bathroom is clean".

You see, in my inbox tonight was a note from the editor of christianity.ca letting me know that my article would appear online tomorrow afternoon. One of the last lines of my piece is "God has led me on the most unexpected adventure and has brought me to a place where I have complete contentment and peace about being single."
And then there's a link to this blog. Where I go into minute by minute details of just how exciting this adventure of being single is. "I paid my bills" and "the laundry is done".

So, sorry to those of you visiting for the first time. You're dropping by during a rare dull stage in my life; I'm just barely getting used to the fact that my oldest son has moved out. I'm in a"swoop in and fix" phase for my middle son who is excelling socially and not so much academically. And I'm counting to a really high number in my mind before responding to my youngest son who is pushing my buttons these days.

Lest you think I misrepresented myself when I said I'm on this great adventure, maybe I should share some of the good things, exciting things, wonderful things going on:
1. I've booked a motorhome and reserved space for 10 of us to go to Creationfest West this July. We will be sharing a group site with 60 other sun-loving friends.
2. Thirty seven of us (including all three of my kids) are going by bus to Mexico at the end of August for 10 days to build homes for the homeless.
3. That article that I wrote for the Herald? I wrote it while my sons and I were on vacation in Arizona with 2 other families.
4. I have 2 more friends on Facebook.
5. My new make-up arrived today. Yay. No more shiny face. (Some exciting things are little. Guys might not understand this.)
6. I have another unique photo-a-day blog that brings me great joy: www.rightcoastleftcoast.blogspot.com Through this medium of blogging, I've made a few new friends, Tricia in Florida is one of them.
7. I'm trying to come up with a list of ten. But I'm stumped here at 7 ... Thinking, thinking, thinking ...

Ok. Maybe I lied.
Maybe my life isn't so adventurous after all...
I got you over here on false pretenses.


By the way, I always end my posts with a list (yes, another list. I'm the oldest sibling in my family, a female, and now the head of my own household. I. Make. Lists.) of three things I'm thankful for. My regular readers (my mom, cousin and someone in India) know that once I post those three things, they can stop reading.

Three things I'm thankful for:
(Oh, and sometimes I list nouns, as in actual things, like new socks, that I'm thankful for. Other times I use this list to throw in a few more thoughts that I forgot to mention earlier, like, I'm thankful that my Durango wasn't totalled when the dump truck swerved to miss the dogs on the freeway and rammed into my back end. Stuff like that...)

1. I'm thankful that I have friends who listen to me unload at 11 pm at night. And want to fix it all :) by making some phone calls and sending some e-mails.

2. I'm thankful that I only have a deep tissue muscle injury and not arthritis in my hip joint area. I'm thankful that my knee does not need to be amputated. Bone spurs are a fact of life for those of us who are "aging..."

3. I'm thankful for another day in which the TV was not turned on.


(Which means God's peace to you.) And, in the case of this blog, indicates The End.

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