Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Good Thursday

After work, I took my beloved laptop to a laptop fixit place and had them order me a new LED panel for my smashed screen, then I took it home. Told them I couldn't be parted with it... they're to call me when the panel is in, and I'll come back. From there, I zipped over to Best Buy to purchase a new monitor.

The plan is to hook it up to my laptop (making my laptop considerably less mobile; especially now that I have an external hard drive hooked up to it as well...) until my broken screen gets fixed. Then I'll move that beautiful new 19" wide LED monitor over to my ancient desk top PC and replace the 8 year old one that I'm currently using.

Things cost money.
And then those very same things keep costing money.

I have to accept that.

So how did I handle the whole 'you broke my laptop' crisis?
First, by accepting Max's immediate and heart felt apology.
Then, by not accepting his offer to replace my laptop with the money he will earn this summer.

I figured three of us were to blame for this fiasco:
1. Max for punching Drew.
2. Me for not stopping the whole fighting thing in the first place AND for allowing Drew unlimited access to something he really shouldn't be using as a toy. If I'm to be a good steward of the riches God has blessed me with, I need to take care of them. And that means saying "no" sometimes.
3. Drew for starting the fight by saying the words he knew would cause Max to go ballistic.

Two out of three of us are OK sharing the blame. One of us is resisting and angry.
Never-the-less, all three of us are going to share in the cost of replacing the damaged LCD panel. Seeing one of us is too young to have a paying job, he will work off his portion. Pulling weeds.
Which is not making him a happy person to live with.

Anyway, getting back to my Happy Thursday ...

After we (Max and I) picked up the new monitor, we picked up a wrist coursage for Mandi, drove through McDonald's for a snack,

then took a few pictures of our graduating girl in her Prom Dress.
I filled up my 2 gig memory card filled up before I even had a chance to photograph her friends, so I ran home to get my tiny emergency card for pics of her and her best buds.

The weather was overcast, but warm and bright - PERFECT for photography:

Laura, Elyse, Anna and Mandi-cakes, doing their signature kiss-blowing pose.

I had so much fun taking their pics.

And a few with Baps and Nan:

Clint, Max and Zac were lovely props:


Sweetie pie:

Family shot:

The grad and her dad:

Brother and sister shot:

Her bodyguards, Max and Zac -

Mandi and Baps:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. THURSDAYS. And this one is especially sweet because Arrow is giving us all tomorrow off. With pay. I'm going to get a pedicure.
2. Max passed Chem, English and Digitial Media. Not by much, but he did pass. Hallelujah.
3. It's the summer!

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