Friday, June 8, 2007

So Cool

My friend, Denise, started a new job today. It's a parttime gig, doing bookkeeping. Which she loves.
Her desk is about 10 feet away from mine.

Yes, it's pretty awesome and kinda highschool-ish having a friend work at the same place as me. But we're both mature and professional so the drama, the gossip, the 'what-are-you-wearing' stuff will be kept to a minimum.


Tonight was the final Pre-Hi event of the year... and we had about a quizillion kids out to play Capture the Flag in the Nikkel's foresty back yard. Once a month, since September, Janice and I'd plan a social activity for the kids in grades 6 and 7 from our church. Not sure how successful we were in getting this group to bond with each other, but it was good for me and Janice. We're friends now.

No, really we are.
Check our Facebook pages - you'll see. We're each other's friends.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The grade 6 and 7's in our church. A great group of kids.
2. Perfect weather for playing outside.
3. It's Saturday tomorrow and I Can Sleep In. I can and I will.


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