Thursday, July 12, 2007

At work today I received an e-mail with a link to a post on a blog I was to read. The blogger was a foundation grant giver, so it was interesting in a work related but not personally captivating way. I read one of his previous posts though, and in it he said he loves Oprah. I continued reading, because, well now I'm interested. He said he appreciated her episode on reducing clutter because it confirmed his goal of doing a Clean Sweep in his life.

Intrigued, I clicked on his link and found an online survey (always love me a good survey) that had me squirming. I just looked it over quickly (I was at work, after all) and knew this was one test I was NOT going to ace.

I've cut and pasted the questions here.
On the Clean Sweep site, the questions have boxes in front of them. If you can answer yes, you put a check mark in the box and it tallies your score for you.

The participant's goal is to get a score of 100 out of 100. The objective of the program is for the participant to get complete about 100 possible incompletions in their life. Incompletions are those physical, emotional or mental items, which are in some way not resolved in the current moment. Incompletions of any kind drain energy.

The Clean Sweep Program promises three things will happen as you increase your scores:
You will have more energy and vitality. There is nothing like a clean space, full communication and self-responsibility to give one more energy.

There are 3 steps to completing the Clean Sweep™ Program.

1. Answer each question. If true, check the box. Be rigorous; be a hard grader. If the statement is sometimes or usually true please DO NOT check the box until the statement is virtually always true for you. (No "credit" until it is really true!) If the statement does not apply to you, check the box. If the statement will never be true for you, check the box. (You get "credit" for it because it does not apply or will never happen.) And, you may change any statement to fit your situation better.

2. The number of True boxes for each of the 4 sections will be totaled automatically for you as you complete each of the 4 sections. Write down these totals on a separate sheet of paper and then add them up. You know where your baseline or starting point lies.

3.Keep playing until all boxes are filled in. You can do it! This process may take 30 or 360 days, but you can achieve a Clean Sweep! Use your coach or a friend to assist you. And check back once a year for maintenance.
Physical Environment

My personal files, papers, and receipts are neatly filed away.
No. On the top of my daily to do list is "File Papers" - but at the end of the day, when all is said and done, driving, preparing meals, doing laundry, watering the geraniums, hiring tutors, photographing lime green air cell balls and so on, take a priority.

My car is in excellent condition. (Doesn't need mechanical work, repairs, cleaning or replacing)
Yes. At least I hope it is. I bring it in every six months for a look-see and he always finds something worth $800 to fix.

My home is clean and tidy. (Vacuumed, wardrobes and drawers organized, desks and tables clear, furniture in good repair; windows clean).
NO. Oh so very much no.

My appliances, machinery and equipment work well. (Fridge, toaster, lawn mower, water heater, hi-fi etc.).
Yes. Knock on wood. On this day, everything is working.

My clothes are all ironed, clean and make me look good. (No creases, piles of washing, torn, out-of-date or ill-fitting clothes).
THIS is priceless. Another big fat NO. Make me look good? Out-of-date? Well, nothing is torn anyways ... points for that I suppose.

My plants and animals are healthy. (Fed, watered, getting light and love).
Yes. Yay for not having pets. Yay for not having houseplants. Unless we're talking about the geraniums I just planted. Because they, my friends, are not looking so loved.

My bed/bedroom lets me have the best sleep possible. (Firm bed, light, air).
Yes. I love my bed. Hate that my bedroom is at the front of the house and my neighbour has a diesel truck that he starts up at 6:15 am. So for me, my best sleep possible, considering everything, ends about 3 hours before I want it to.

I live in a house/flat that I love.

I surround myself with beautiful things.

I live in the geographical location of my choice.

There is ample and healthy lighting around me.
Yes. Hey, this is alot of yes's in a row. Maybe I will get an "A" on this.

I consistently have adequate time, space and freedom in my life.
No. But I have more than I did 10 years ago. So that's a good thing. I'm also finding that time, space and freedom are seasonal. June, Sept and Dec are not months rich with spare time.

Nothing in my environment harms me.

I am not tolerating anything about my home or work environment.
No. I AM tolerating some very frustrating things about my home and work environment.

My work environment is productive and inspiring. (Synergistic, ample tools and resources; no undue pressure).
No. While my work environment at Arrow is awesome, it's not-so-much at home.

My computer works very well and fully supports my efforts.
Yes. I know this PC is old and crappy, but it's doing the job. And so is my laptop. I'd say they work "well". "Very well" might be pushing it.

My hair is the way I want it.
Oh my goodness NO.

I back up my hard drive at least monthly.
No. I've never backed up a my hard drive. Ever.

I surround myself with music which makes my life more enjoyable.
No. My children surround themselves with music with gives me a headache. Every six months or so I'll buy myself a CD or burn one with my favorites and they absolutely refuse to let me play it if they're in the same city.

My bed is made daily.

I don't injure myself, fall or bump into things.
No. I am injured and it takes alot of effort not to fall over when I'm trying to put on underwear.

People feel comfortable in my home.
Yes. Especially boy people.

I drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
No. But I think about it.

I have nothing around the house or in storage that I do not need.
No. Sigh. I have a crawlspace full of chippies. My garage has 100 stacking chairs that need to be returned to the church. And then there's those bags of clothes. And piles of children's books. And 3 left-foot only flip flops. Not to mention my collection of collector's plates that are not on display. Or my collection of Cranberry glass jugs. Oh and my journals. And computer game disks. Empty boxes that the computer came in. My old film camera. Two shoeboxes of size too-small-for-my-ass sexy underwear that I got when I was part of a lingerie chain mail exchange thingy.

I am consistently early or easily on time.
Your Physical Environment Total is : 11


I rarely use caffeine. (Chocolate, coffee, colas, tea) less than 3 times per week, total.
Shoot, they had to mention choclate, didn't they? Cuz it would easily be a Yes, otherwise. I don't drink cola, coffe or tea. But chocolate?
No. Final answer.

I rarely eat sugar. (Less than 3 times per week).
Another No.

I rarely watch television. (Less than 5 hours per week).
Yes. Yay. I'm not a total loser in this category.

I rarely drink alcohol. (Less than 2 drinks per week)
Yes. I've had less than 2 drinks in my life. I knew that would come in handy some day.

My teeth and gums are healthy. (Have seen dentist in last 6 months).
Yes. They look like crap, but they're good.

My cholesterol is at a healthy level.
No idea. I'm guessing it probably isn't...

My blood pressure is at a healthy level.
Again, I have no idea. It's always been low (as has my cholesterol, but I haven't seen the doctor for a tune up in about 50 pounds.) Let's assume it's not great. So, that would be a NO, final answer.

I have had a complete physical examination within the past 3 years.

I do not smoke tobacco or other substances.
Yay! Another YES.

I do not use illegal drugs or misuse prescribed medications.
Yes again.

I have had a complete eye examination within the past two years.(Glaucoma check, vision test).
Uh, no.

My weight is within my ideal range.
... for a sumo wrestler.
That would be a no.

My nails are healthy and look good.
Healthy, yes. Look good, no.
Looks are more important, so I'll give myself a NO.

I don't rush or use adrenaline to get the job done.
Yes. I'm pretty good about setting realistic deadlines for projects at work.

I have a rewarding life beyond my work or profession.
Yes, I surely do.

I have something to look forward to virtually every day.
Yes, it's called blogging.

I have no habits which are unacceptable to me.
No. I have this habit of eating. Staying up too late. Not doing sit ups. Not making my bed. All unacceptable.

I am aware of the physical or emotional problems or conditions I have, and I am now fully taking care of all of them.
Hmmm. "Fully taking care..." I am aware of them, but am I fully taking care of them? Let's say, no.

I consistently have evenings, weekends and holidays off and take at least four weeks of holiday each year.
Define "off". Back in the early days of my divorce, all three kids would go to their dad's two nights a week and alternating Saturdays. That's when I really had time off. But, lately? Not so much. When I do try to take time off, I get a whole lot of attitude about why I can't be available to drive someone somewhere.

I have just the right amount of sleep.
... for a ... what? What kind of being gets about 6 hours a nite?
It's not enough.

I use well-made sunglasses.
I use sunglasses that I bought in Palm Springs for $5.00 six years ago.

I do not suffer.
Ha ha. Aklilu and I have a running schtick at work where we both out-suffer the other one.
Generally, I'm pretty lucky.
So, yes. I do not suffer. Unless you count my hip. Because I am suffering because of it. But in general, I've got nothing to complain about. That doesn't stop me from complaining. It's my way of communicating.

I laugh out loud every day.
Shoot. I need more yes's. And this square will have to get a no. I don't laugh out loud every day. I have a highly developed sense of humor you know. I'm a little past the knock knock jokes...

I walk or exercise at least three times per week.
CRAP. Another no. Unless you count grocery shopping, walking to and from my truck, and dragging the garbage to the curb.

I hear well and protect myself from loud noises / concerts / music.
Let's say yes, and pretend we didn't see the word: concerts.
Your Well-being Total is : 10


I currently save at least 10% of my income.

I pay my bills on time.
Yes. When I remember.

My income source/revenue base is stable and predictable.
Yes. Being employed is a beautiful thing.

I know how much I must have to be minimally financially independent and I have a plan to get there.
Huh? Plan? Financially independent? Say wut? If it weren't for child support I'd be hooped.

I have returned or made-good-on any money I borrowed.
Yes. Oh, wait. Do I owe you money?

I have written agreements and am current with payments to individuals or companies to whom I owe money.
Yes. I am current.

I have 6 months' living expenses in an easily accessible account.
Does a line of credit count?

I live on a weekly budget which allows me to save and not suffer.
Back to this suffering business, eh?
No budget.
No savings.
No suffer.

All my tax returns have been filed and all my taxes have been paid.
Yes. Finally a yes answer.

I currently live well, within my means.
I live well. Not exactly within my means, but close enough. Darn those unexpected expenses.
But all things considered, I'll give myself a yes.

I have excellent personal insurance. (Life, accident, disability, medical etc.).

My assets (car, home, possessions, treasures) are well-insured.

I have a financial plan for the next year.
Yes. My plan is to work. Then buy the things that I have to. And hope that I break even at the end of the year.

I have no legal clouds hanging over me.
Yes that is a correct statement.

My will is up-to-date and accurate.
Yes she says, proud to have 7 yes's in a row.

Any parking tickets, alimony or child support are paid and current.
Yes. That's 8.

My investments do not keep me awake at night.
They do not. Yes. Again.

I know how much I am worth.
I am a daughter of the King, an heir to His Kingdom. I am a priceless beloved child of God. My worth cannot be fathomed.
But if we're talking dollars and cents, yeah, I'm a good catch.

I am on a career / professional / business track which is or will soon be financially and personally rewarding.
Not so much. It pays the bills and keeps me in chocolate.

My earnings are commensurate with the effort I put into my job.
Yes. For a partime gig, it's great that way.

I have no "loose ends" at work.
Ha ha ha.
I just sent my boss an e-mail with the words "Loose Ends" in the subject line.
So, yes, I have no loose ends at work. I tie them up regularly.

I am in relationship with people who can assist in my career/professional development.
Yeah, I think so.

I rarely miss work due to illness.

I am putting aside enough money each month to reach financial independence.
Put money aside? So NO.

My earnings outpace inflation, consistently.
Your Money Total is : 18


I have told my parents, in the last 3 months, that I love them.
Mom, are you reading this? I love you. Tell dad I love him too.

I get along well with my sibling(s).

I get along well with my coworkers/ clients.

I get along well with my manager/staff.

There is no one whom I would dread or feel uncomfortable "bumping into". (In the street, at an airport or party).
Well, there's one person. Two actually ...

I put people first and results second.
Almost always.

I have let go of the relationships which drag me down or damage me. ("Let go" means to end, walk away from, declare complete, no longer be attached to)
Yes, mostly.

I have communicated or attempted to communicate with everyone whom I have hurt, injured or seriously upset, even if it wasn't fully my fault.
This feels like a 12 steps AA thing.
How do I even answer this? Have I hurt you? Did I try to make it better? I don't think I have any unresolved grievances out there...

I do not gossip or talk about others.
I wouldn't call it gossiping exactly.
But sometimes I do talk about others. In a totally nice way, usually...
I better give myself a no here.

I have a circle of friends/family who love and appreciate me for who I am, more than just what I do for them.
Yes I do. How lucky am I?

I tell people how they can satisfy me.
Yes. I tell my boys they'd make me very happy if they'd pick up after themselves.

I am fully caught up with letters and calls.
Yes. Except, Val - I'll mail that photo disk tomorrow. And Maxine, Happy Birthday one week late. I've got some photos for you.

I always tell the truth, no matter what.
Nope. Sometimes that would be cruel.

I receive enough love from people around me to feel good.

I have fully forgiven those people who have hurt/damaged me, intentional or not.
Maybe not "fully", but I'm heading in that direction.

I am a person of his/her word; people can count on me.
Yes. Val, you will get that DVD of photos. I promise.

I quickly correct miscommunications and misunderstandings when they do occur.
Only if it's worth the effort. But not always.
Maybe I should take a no on this one.

I live life on my terms, not by the rules or preferences of others.
Well, not "MY" terms exactly. More like how God would want me to. His opinion is the only one that matters.

I am completely over past loves or spouses.
Oh yeah.

I am aware of my wants and needs and get them taken care of.
Not often enough.

I do not judge or criticize others.
Embarassing to admit this. I tend to be judgemental and critical. I'm better than I was, but lots of room for improvement here.

I do not "take personally" the things that people say to me.
But I do ...

I have a best friend or soul-mate.
Got me some close friends. But no soul mate.

I make requests rather than complain.
I complain. Make a request or two that get ignored or challenged, so I complain some more.

I spend time with people who don't try to change me.
True, I do.
Your Relationships Total is : 16

Total: 55
That would be a C-
Just like Max got on his report card.
I'm passing Life 101.

Add your totals from the four sections. Initial scores for the first-time participant range, on average, between 30 - 70 points out of the 100 points possible. The idea is to work towards 100 out of 100, by adding 2 - 6 points per month.
One of the goals is to stop having problems, handle the incompletions you have currently and maintain a clean space, forever, so you can create as you were designed to. The Clean Sweep Program is the first step in that process.

Do the test here.
Tell me what you got, OK?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Four days off in a row baby.
2. It's not 700 degrees today.
3. Max did 2 out of 10 hundred Math assignments tonight.


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