Friday, July 6, 2007

Not the beach. Not Cultus. But a good third option:

Sherry? That book you recommended? I LOVE it. Started reading it at noon. I'm half way done. Part of me is angry at myself for gulping it up so quickly (the story is captivating); the writing is sooooo fine, it should really be savoured, slowly. Like a piece of Purdy's chocolate. Best when it melts slowly on yer tongue. But rarely is. Most times its chewed and swallowed so quickly the tastebuds haven't had a chance to appreciate the rich flavor.
Yes, a finely tuned sentence can be rich like chocolate. And this book is full of many words, assembled artfully into wonderful sentences.
Unlike this blog, where I simply vomit words all over the screen simply because I like typing.
Why oh why can't I make these words start at the left side of the page.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. After 4 nights of sleeping less than 6 hours each, I got caught up. So this is what my face looks like with out bags?
2. Max, after throwing a fit about spending the weekend at the lake last night, had accepted his fate by 7 this morning, almost cheerfully.
3. All this time I'm spending driving my children? Is meaning that I'm getting alot of praying done. Everyone on my list has been covered in prayer at least three times this week. So if you've felt protected, loved, at peace, wise, healthy and in His care - you are welcome.
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My Thots said...

Oh please, do tell, what is the book? I need something to read now that it's summer and I haven't found anything yet.

Tricia said...

What book? I'm looking for a good read.