Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dozen. Twelve. 12.

Meet my boys - the ones I was priveledged to transport, feed, share grass space with, pray for and love:
This is Garrett - And this is "German Guy". His real name is Rodney and he's here from Germany for one month. ("Here" being Stillwood Camp.) He had no where to go for staff break, so Adam asked if he could come with us to Creation.

This is Kevin:

And Zac:

And Jon:

And my Max who shaved his head hours before we left.


And, while technically Brendan was not 'with' us, he was with us. And we were happy to have him ...

Again, like Brendan, Markie was really 'with' his aunt - but he got a ride to and from Creation with us.
Beside him, Drew.


And Derek:

A handsome group, no?

And while we were 'full up' so to speak, we thought about those who have joined us in the past but didn't come this year ... Corey, Mandi and Clark - you were missed.

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