Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I will never complain about spending three hours a day driving my kids around ...

Please pray for Justin, he's Andrew's brother. (Andrew is that son of mine that I didn't give birth to, who made sure I got chocolates on my birthday and who takes out the recycling for me.)
Justin was involved in a very serious motorcyle accident this morning. He has mutiple broken bones and is recovering from emergency brain surgery this evening.

Its days like these I'm so thankful none of my kids have licenses.

And then, over at the Five Little Monkeys blog (where this young mom gave birth to triplet boys and then less than a year later got pregnant with twin daughters...) Jess announced that her husband was just diagnosed with cancer. She's got 5 kids under 2.

I cannot imagine.

So, I'm done with the complaining. My life is good.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Justin is getting excellent medical attention and is the child of a God who loves him desperately.
2. Only one of my arms is incapacitated. Ow. Round two of the Mexico shots was this evening and now my left arm is all stiff and achy. But I am NOT complaining.
3. I'm thankful that there are guys like Jeremy who write words like this: click here.


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