Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Rainy Saturday

We all slept in.
Til noon.
LOVE days like this.
Then Clint, Max and I went to Chapters again, this time not to loiter or visit Harry Potter nerds, but to actually buy books.
They bought 4 books each, hardcovers, and could hardly wait to leave the store to start reading.

I was not as lucky.
For my birthday both my sis and my sis-in-law gave me Chapter's gift certificates, and I used one of them on that book I loved, "Between, Georgia". When I purchased it a few weeks ago, there were quite a few copies of her first book available at the same time. But I thought I'd read BG first, and if I liked it, I'd go back for the second one.

I'd like to think that my positive review of her book was somehow responsible for the empty shelf I encountered this afternoon. But in all likelihood, it was her great ability to write a good story that was the cause of her books selling out.

So I left empty handed.
And drove Clint back to Abby so that he could work, stopping first for food at Tim Horton's. As I sat in the restaurant with my book-loving boys I paused to be silently appreciative of how wonderful they are and how much I love spending time with them.

After we dropped the boy off, Max and I went to Costco and loaded up on food for next week, arriving home at 6 pm.

He left shortly after that to watch LOST with Sam, leaving Drew and I home to have supper together. In an effort to keep my youngest at the table longer than 14 seconds, I cooked a real meal, lit the candles that were still on the table from out power outage and listened to him talk about his adventures while we ate stew and canned corn. My ploy was successful. We sat together for 7 minutes. Then he went to the front of the house to play video games and converse with friends on MSN while I, while I ... man. I wish I could say I cleaned up the supper dishes and started packing for Creation.

But today is our sixth rainy day in a row, and motivated by Tricia's July 18 post, I rented a few DVD's and watched them while I transferred photo files from my "old" desktop PC to my external hard drive. I've been at it for 5 hours and have opened up 5 GB's of space on my C drive.

On Shannon's recommendation, I watched Catch and Release. Which, despite the poor reviews, was perfect for mindless rainy day viewing. One scene had me laughing so loud, Drew came to see if I was OK because I had stopped breathing.

Then, I watched "Miss Potter":
... Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame.
A little bit inspiring. Kinda predictable.
And NO way did Renee's face look as good in the movie as it does on the poster.
But what was really exciting?
Upcoming new releases:

... with John Cusask
And Penelope. Produced by Reese Witherpoon:

It's always good to have something to look forward to.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. There's always tomorrow for packing.
2. Nobody but me cares that my house is a mess.
3. There's always tomorrow to clean.

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Anonymous said...

hey boog,
i have a movie recommendation for girl, with steve martin and claire danes.

at the end, you'll know why I loved it...

:) s