Saturday, July 14, 2007


Nobody else did that personal inventory Clean Sweep test? I was the only one? I was the only one that passed then? I'm the top of the class?

In an effort to improve my score;
I made my bed this morning.
Then packed up 5 bags of clothes to give away.
Thrown out all my old underwear. And pantyhose. (When was the last time I wore nylons?)

Then took 3 bags of garbage out of Clint's room.

I'm aiming for a "C" by the end of the summer.

... And that's it for today.
I was hoping to scoot up to the lake after last night's wedding, but Max had to go to work today, so my driving services were required at 7 am. Thought that I'd pick him up from work on my way to the lake this evening and bring him along but he has power point duty in church tomorrow ...

So this'll be another weekend of just me and Drew at the lake. Hate that. Who said kids could have their own lives?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Summer friends. It was one of our lake neighbours' daughters that got married yesterday. Thankful for the people God puts in our paths.
2. We're about halfway through Clint's grounding. Now that his roommate and his friend are back in Abby, he's not needing me as much.
3. The tutor Max has for Math 10. Awesome teacher.



Tricia said...

I did it. I got a 41.

Anonymous said...

It's weird to see a post at 3:27 in the afternoon when your posts/blog reading always appear to be after midnight.
Is something going on? Are you using drugs? Should I call your mother? Will we need to stage an intervention? If we do, can I bring food to it?
Love September

ramblin'andie said...

I don't want to find out how baaaaaaaad I'd do on it. Too scary.

raych said...

I did the personal clean sweep, because I love a good life-improving survey, but I also hunted gophers, and some things take precedence over others. I'll be posting my results today.

Rebekah said...

i did the first three questions...