Monday, July 2, 2007

Tricia - I'm so sorry I've dropped the ball regarding our photo blog ...

... it happened when my laptop got broked. And even though I got my act together temporarily in order to get Mandi's grad photos taken, uploaded and posted, I haven't done any picture taking since then.

I will tomorrow though.

Right Coast/ Left Coast will get updated. By 6:00 pm PST

In other news, Drew and I did go to the cabin on Sunday afternoon. He finally made his peace about being there around midnight when Clint showed up.
When Drew asked me to play Sequence with him, I knew he was settling in. When he decided to sleep in my room, I smiled inside my face where he couldn't see.

Max never did join us. He stayed home and made random messes.

And so the summer begins.
Max starts work tomorrow. I am to drive him to his carpool meeting spot at 6:50 am. Then I leave for my work at 7:45 am -for my new summer hours... Who do I have to remind that I am not a morning person?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The sun peaked out from behing the clouds today.
2. Had a nice, long, conversation filled, sushi dinner with Max and Clint tonight.
3. That Drew can hang out with my mom and dad for the next three days while I work long hours.


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