Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think maybe I can do this after all ..

It's so comfy. Or at least it was for the 10 minutes I tried it out.
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And I've got 10 little pills - one for each night that I'm supposed to sleep in a foreign place - like a bus. Or a church basement. Or in a tent. WITH OTHER HUMANS LESS THAN 6 INCHES AWAY FROM ME.
And I bought a new bra.
So I'm good to go.
On a different note, I got an email today from a friend who had stopped by my place a week ago when I wasn't home. She, who doesn't read my blog, wrote this:
"..And kind of cheeky of me, but would you like me to do a good going over of a few of your flower beds, maybe the ones at the front?"
I am so mortified.
The other day, when I told my sister how embarassing it was to have Rob and a crew of men plan to spend a few hours here, she replied, "Well you whine about your weeds enough on your blog..."
But this. This e-mail from Sharon has nothing to do with whining. It has to do with my yard being uh, well, trashy. Unkept. Overgrown. It affirmed my inability to care for my gardens.
I need a wife so bad.
I'm having a hard time accepting that summer is over.
Our Mexico trip is cutting it short, and instead of saying "we usually do this in the summer, but this year we won't because we are doing this other special thing" we are trying to do all our regular TRADITIONAL stuff as well. Like, Bard on the Beach... couldn't give that up. Or the night Market... gotta do that.
And, our shopping day in downtown Vancouver - no way the kids were going to forego that fun. So on Sunday, after church and before our family dinner celebrating dad and mom's 48th anniversary, we squeezed in some speed shopping.
First on West 4th, where all the boarding shops are. (I stayed in the truck and fell asleep. It was cool in the morning when I got dressed, but by the time I woke up from this little nap, I was boiling and my face was all shiny and I knew I wasn't going to catch me a man at any upscale restaurant that evening...)
From there, we went to Robson Street, except I didn't have a map or a hot clue where Robson was, so we did a bit of driving first. First to find the area. Then to find parking.
Once we parked it was a race. No, really it was a race. A race to go through as many stores as possible in the alloted time of 1 hour. We trekked up and down Robson, over to Granville, then onto another street where there was a 7 storey hole in the street which fascinated my boys (all 3 of them plus Zac) so we stood at the chain link fence and gaped in awe for awhile. It was too good not to look at again, so we walked both sides of it, spitting into it. And discussing what if's.
We found some stores worthy of their money and everyone (except Drew) ended up carrying plastic bags filled with downtown clothes.
From there, we went back to the truck, then over to Hastings to the Sheraton where the view? Well, it was spectacular.
We revolved about 4 times and saw the city from every angle as the sun set.
All in all, a kinda magical day.
Can you believe only one photo was taken on this day?
Know why?
Because I spent my entire day, huffing and puffing and trying to keep up with shopping crazed boys who were hunting the perfect, utterly unique, totally cool item of clothing that no one else would have.
Seriously, I'm getting too old for this.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My princess bed.
2. The incredible organization I work for.
3. The people in my life who don't wait for me to ask for help.

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Tricia said...

Come visit me. Its summer for another 3-4 months.