Monday, August 13, 2007

And then, on Saturday ...

On Saturday, after waking up to discover Max had left at 8 for the airshow, and making sure Drew got to my mom's place OK, I picked up some groceries, took advantage of a 40% off scrapbook paper sale, and confirmed with Mandi that she'd bring Drew back home later that evening, I picked up Rachel in Abbotsford (she lives 30 seconds away from Clint) and drove out to Nuggets, my favorite bookstore in Sardis. We met Chris, bought bags of books, then joined Andie who was waiting for us at the lake.

Four writing, book loving, geeks at the lake for 21 hours.

And what did we do?

Read. And wrote.
And talked.
A lotta talking.
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Christine said...

A great big thanks for the opportunity.