Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day Off

Not a sleep-in day ... Max had a Math test to write first thing in the morning. I drove him.
Then came home for 40 minutes.
Then I went back to pick him up.
"Mom?" Clint was calling.
"Can you come out to Abbotsford?"
So I picked him up from his work, drove him to the Motor Vehicle Branch and fell asleep in the parking lot while he stood in a mile long line up.
His one month of government imposed grounding is over and he got his license back. Yay. Oh so very much a great big yay.
I drove us back to Langley, gave him his keys then hopped in my truck to take Drew over to Mandi's.

We live in the country. A family of geese took their time crossing the road... I stopped to watch them and take their portraits through my very dirty windshield.

From there I returned my empty water jugs to IGA, went to the bank, then dropped off all the bottles and cans that have been accumulating in my garage.

I got home after 3 pm. Exhausted.

By the way, this is what the inside of my truck looks like.

I drove the motorhome to Creation, then (my mom) cleaned it before I returned it.

I guess the boys were thinking the same thing. They drove the Durango to Creation, and their mom (that would be me) could clean out the mess.

Max has been working at his dad's concrete pipe plant all summer. These are his three pairs of work jeans, encrusted with hardened concrete dust.

He's placed them on the back patio purposefully.

Instead of washing them, he's airing them out.

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