Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do you know who this is?

He's an angel.
He dropped by last week to weed my gardens, and YES I was totally embarassed.
And he left a message saying he's going to be back on Wednesday, with some helpers, and they're going to attack some of the bigger issues I have with my yard.
I feel blessed.
Rich beyond words.
"He" is a man from my church.
A pix n prose reader's husband.
Clint and Drew's grade 5 teacher.
Clint's first girlfriend's dad.
He has a servant's heart and loves to garden.
He is Rob Richardson and he rocks.
Thanks, Maureen for sending him over. Not sure how I can ever repay you ...
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Well, duh, I'm thankful for the Richardson family.
2. And for all the folks who are praying for me and my boys as we head to Mexico.
3. For my mom and dad. They're celebrating 48 years of marriage this week. Thanks, guys, for staying married ... for stickin it out. For being there for us. For loving us, spoiling us, praying for us. Thanks for dinner on Sunday night. The view of the Vancouver from on top of the Sheraton was breathtaking. Dad, that was a good idea - your grandkids had never been up there, and will never forget that evening. We love you both and pray that God will guide you through this retirement stage of your life. May you be surprised with the unexpected adventures He still has in store for you. I pray these days will be filled with outrageous joy, overflowing love, deep peace, and a sense of purpose that comes from Him.

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