Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Unexpected ...

Clint and his friend Adam dropped by tonight. Adam is 22. This is, I believe, the first time Clint has ever brought a friend home to hang out.

Upon entering our home, Adam slipped off his shoes, grabbed Max's air soft revolver, and stealthly slinked into the kitchen, hiding at the corner, looked for someone to shoot.

Did I mention he's 22?

I have a theory about males and maturity and the age 10.
Ask me about it sometime.

We ordered in sushi, then sat around a table covered with conversation. I understood not a word of it. Gaming? Anime? Super heroes? Who could beat who in some sort of epic confrontation? It got interesting when Adam mentioned his desire to be the father to 4 children, but that was a short lived topic.

Afterwards, while they played the Wii, I gathered up clothing for Clint to take to Drew tomorrow. Apparently they have a 'formal' dinner on Thursday night and Clint said Drew would need some nice clothes. Plus I knew that the one pair of socks he packed will not last the week, so I sent along a few more pairs. As well as a note. And some orange tic tacs. And a flashlight. And a jacket in case it rains some more. (By the way, Clint is not going solely to deliver supplies to his little bro. He's offered to help the DVD team with their production. I am not an over bearing mother.)

One of Clint's (girl) friends (a friend who is a girl counsellor) texted him to say, "Your lil bro is too cool for camp. Typical O boy, just like his older brothers." I'm afraid that wasn't good news. I know he puts on his coolness armour when he's nervous. And I left a very nervous kid at camp on Sunday...

And thus ends another day.
Clint and Adam have mosied back to Abby.
Max has long since hit the sack.
And I'm going to finish August 7th by clearing up some correspondence in my inbox.
Then I'll pray for my little one until I fall asleep.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. An outstanding upcoming weekend.
2. Zit free face for over a month.
3. Today's rain. Made it easy to go back to work.


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