Friday, September 7, 2007

This week:

Clint moved back home where rent is cheap and food is part of the deal.
He has become obsessed with cleaning.
Cleaning my stuff. Getting rid of my stuff. De-cluttering the garage of my stuff.
Tomato cages from that one time I had tomato plants ... gone
Toys from his childhood that are still in good condition and that his kids might want to play with when they stay here for overnighters... gone
Grapevine heart basket that would look good mounted on the shed someday ... gone

Max has settled into his new (old) school. He's back at Fundy (against his will) for grade 12. As is his usual way of handling things, he's making the best of it. I love that about him.

They had no choice but to put him in Art 12, which, so far, surprisingly he loves. Go figure. He's hasn't done Art since grade 8. And he's stoked about Math 11, (the "easy" one) and it's relevance. He showed me the course outline, and is looking forward to all the units they'll be covering.

(He's only in Math 11 bcause there's a small, slight, hope that by some miracle that could only be from God, he actually passed Math 10 this summer. Fingers crossed. "Please God..."

And Drew?

Loves "High School". He's still in the same building as he has been for K - 7 (they made it a highschool this summer, so he doesn't get to try a new environment. I started driving Clint to that school in 1992, and with Drew graduating from it in 2012 - That's twenty freaking years that I have logged in, driving back and forth to Fundy. )

So far, and it's only been 3 days, he's upbeat and happy about going. And he brings home notices and forms. And wants to return them on time.

His project this week is to finish off the project we started on the July long weekend and then abandoned.

He's painting his room.
First, he retaped it.
Then he "cut in" with a brush to add a coat of tinted primer.Posted by Picasa

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